5 Common Dog Cancer Causes Pet Parents Overlook

5 Common Dog Cancer Causes Pet Parents Overlook


One of the worst things you’ll ever hear as a dog parent is that your canine family member has cancer. Besides being very emotionally devastating, knowing that your dog has this serious disease will be very stressful and frustrating on your part.

As a dog parent myself, I can relate to how anxiety-inducing it is to learn that my beloved pet is susceptible to cancer. This is the main reason why I made this blog post. I’ve put together a list of possible causes of dog cancer to help you provide better protection for your furbaby.


The Specific Cause of Cancer in Dogs Is Still Quite Elusive

What’s really surprising is that even with all the modern strides in veterinary medicine, experts still can’t pinpoint a single specific dog cancer cause. But here’s the thing, though. There are some possible risk factors that could make your pet more vulnerable to this health crisis.

And I’ve assembled this list of possible dog cancer causes to help you protect your pooch even more against this disease. So without further ado, how about we check them out right now?


5 Possible Causes of Dog Cancer You Should Know

1. Genetics

Vets consider genetics as one of the possible dog liver cancer causes. It is also
theorized as a probable cause of breast cancer in dogs. For example, according to numerous studies, osteosarcoma or bone cancer in dogs are more common in medium to large-sized breeds.

These include the Dalmatian, the Poodle, Afghan Hound, Boxer, and the Great Dane. Additionally, Golden Retrievers are deemed as the breed that’s most susceptible to cancer compared to other pedigrees.


2. Advanced age or seniority

Most dog cancers tend to manifest when a pooch is already advanced in years. Older dogs tend to have a weak immune system and slower infection fighting abilities. In a nutshell, the older a dog is, the more prone he or she is to cancer.

Some types of viruses could trigger cancer in dogs. One example of this is oral papilloma. It starts as a cluster of wounds in and around a dog’s mouth. It can eventually turn into a malignant tumor if left untreated. Another example is the Canine transmissible venereal tumor. It is transmitted sexually. One of its symptoms is tenderness in the reproductive organs.


3. Household chemicals

Home cleaning products like detergents, bleaches and all-purpose cleaners. Recent studies show that there may be a link between constant exposure to home cleaning products and cancer in dogs. Their harsh ingredients are speculated to be possible causes of dog skin cancer. One such ingredient that you have to keep an eye on is Benzene.


4. Environmental factors

Some human bad habits can also negatively affect dogs. Some studies reveal that exposure to secondhand smoke from cigarettes, pipes and other tobacco products could be one of the possible causes of dog mouth cancer. Secondhand smoke is also considered as one of the possible dog nasal cancer causes. This is due to its long-term negative effects on the canine nasal linings.


Some Quick Tips to Boost your Dog’s Natural Immune Response

In my experience as an animal homeopathy specialist, I’ve learned that having an optimum immune system can help keep cancer in dogs at bay. And if you’re looking to take your dog’s immune system up a notch, here are a few pointers you should keep in mind:


Tip #1: Nutrition is crucial.

Make it a point to be meticulous with what you’re feeding your dog. Here’s a quick tip the next time you’re shopping for dog food. If the can or container lists ingredients that you cannot even pronounce, skip it.


Tip #2: Store household chemicals properly.

Always remember to keep your home cleaning products properly stored. Most home cleaning products have appealing scents and colors that your dog may find tempting to lick or smell. This includes drain cleaners, antifreeze and similar chemicals.


Tip #3: Quit smoking.

If you’re a smoker, quit the habit as soon as you can. You’re not just putting your dog at risk of cancer; you and your whole household will also be in for a number of health issues in the long run.


A Natural Product You Should Check Out

If you’re worried about your dog being prone to cancer or having his or her quality of life decreased because of the disease, we have just got the product for you. This product is called PIPTOPET.

PIPTOPET is designed to promote and support a healthy immune system for dogs that are suffering from cancer. This natural product is made from an immuno-enhancing medicinal mushroom called Piptoporus betulinus that has been found to have anticancer properties.

Besides having premium ingredients, this product is also formulated with a gentle holistic approach. It doesn’t have chemicals that could possibly do more harm than good for your dog as well.


The Right Info is Critical in Cancer in Dogs

If you’re looking to learn more about how to give a dog that’s suffering from cancer the best level of care through natural means, make sure you contact us right now to get in touch with us. Getting access to the right information can significantly help you and your pet deal with this serious disease.

Suzie Cyrenne
Suzie Cyrenne


Suzie Cyrenne is a certified Homeopath with over ten years of experience creating natural products for cats and dogs. She co-founded eCommerce brand, Zumalka in 2013 with her husband Matt and is on a mission to help thousands of animals naturally improve their quality of life and shares her experience on their popular YouTube show. Hence, she created a line of high-performance natural pet supplements to target the root cause of common health issues. Suzie was influenced by her mother-in-law, who practiced homeopathy and made natural remedies from home. After being on prescriptions for many years for a skin issue without resolution, she wanted to try something new. Her problems were cleared up within a few months of dedication to a better diet supplemented by homeopathic remedies. That's when she knew that homeopathy worked! During this process, she wondered why there weren't better options for pets and soon created a popular line of natural remedies that have helped thousands of pets across the USA. When she’s not traveling or reading the next personal development book, you can find Suzie snowboarding, working out, or enjoying a daily hike.

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