15 Dogs & Cats Who Hilariously Failed In Their Battles Against Human Furniture

by Denyse Lessard December 25, 2014 2 min read

I’m sure you love your four-legged friend more than anything. But there are times where we just can’t resist capturing our pet’s hilarious fails and have a good laugh at them. You will find below 15 images of dogs & cats who have seriously failed in their battles with furniture. Whether they got stuck in the most ridiculous positions or simply because they have no idea of what’s going on, they will definitely put a smile on your face.


What you lookin at ! Get me out ! Source: catfoto.com


Drowning ?! … Hang on, we’ll get you out... but just before...let us take a picture. Source: hypocritical_crane


Things didn’t go as planned... Source: DiepSleep


This dog deserves an award for “best player at hide and seek”. Source: TheDhan


Umm...what’s going on here? Source: Killer-owl


After you realize there are actually two cats hiding in there, you start feeling bad for the one on the left. Can we really trust the angelic look on the other cat’s face ? Source: willingnesstogrow.com



Trapped just like a fly in a spider’s web...This dog just doesn’t understand what’s going on. Source: unknown


Talk about being lazy… Source: two2tone22


The price to pay for licking off a plate without permission. Source: sucedioenpolonia.com


There must be something really important to fetch in there. Source: Unknown 


He surely underestimated this tight space. Source: Unknown


Things don’t always go as planned… Source: darthnut


Might as well watch t.v. while i’m stuck in here! Source: imgur


Just chillin…. Source: Unknown

Embarrassing... Source: Unknown



Denyse Lessard
Denyse Lessard

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