10 Lil Bub Facts You Need to Know

1 comment Jan 29, 2015by Denise Lessard

Do you know Lil Bub? Lil bub is one of the most amazing cat on the planet!! This cat has been a worldwide sensation since she was rescued as a baby in 2011! What makes her so unique?


Here are some lil bub facts:

  1. Lil Bub is called a “perma-kitten”, which means she will always have the appearance of a cute kitten all her life. She weighs only 3.9 pounds.

  2. Bub has no teeth, has an underdeveloped jawbone and is considered a dwarf. . The reason why her tongue is constantly sticking out is a consequence of her toothlessness and small jawbone. Fortunately, this doesn’t affect her appetite. Her dwarfism is due to smaller limbs, compared to the majority of cats.

  3. Bub is the author of “Lil BUB’s Lil Book”. She also has her own line of t-shirts, mugs, bags and more….Visit Lil Bub’s Store.

  4. Lil Bub is a rescue cat and was discovered in a rural Indiana tool shed in June 2011, along with her siblings. She didn’t look like any of her siblings. 

  5. Lil Bub is a girl.

  6. Lil Bub has a big heart. She has raised over $200,000 for animal charities. 

  7. The average cat has 18 claws, Bub’s unique, she has 22.

  8. Bub loves yogurt. Her favourite is Brown Cow Yogurt.

  9. Even if Lil Bub’s tongue is constantly sticking out, it never dries out!

  10. Lil Bub snores loudly! 

Lil Bub is unique and special and that’s why we love her so much!! Bub gets the best medical treatments and food for her. She’s a healthy and happy cat.

Enjoy this chilly time of year with Bub with this one-hour long video!




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Denise Lessard


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    how old is lill bub

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