A Quick Guide on the 9 Most Important Cat Care Essentials

Jan 27, 2023by Suzie Cyrenne

Knowing the most fundamental cat care essentials is crucial when it comes to giving your feline family member the best quality of life. This is to ensure that he won’t just stay as comfy and happy as can be, but also resilient against health issues along the way.

If you’re planning to get a cat in the near future or would like to take your home pet care checklist up a notch, then this blog post is for you. In just a few moments, I’ll walk you through the very important cat care essentials—plus a bonus tip—to help you get on the right track in no time.


Cat Care Essential #1: Diet plays a significant role in your cat’s health and wellness.

cat eating food

Now while this may sound surprising, the saying “you are what you eat” also applies to your feline family member. As highlighted by the National Academies, your cat’s diet plays a key role in his growth and development as well as his ability to keep illnesses at bay.

Besides having a regular daily feeding time for your kitty, going for the appropriate types and amounts of food should also be a priority. I also recommend periodically switching from wet food to dry food to guarantee that your pet is getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs to stay in the pink.

And just to emphasize, habitually serving your cat dog food could result in serious health problems in the long run like obesity and diabetes.


Cat Care Essential #2: Hydration is one of the foundations of a cat’s optimum health.

cat drinking water

According to a study published by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, clean water is important for a cat’s welfare because apart from being a medium for metabolic waste removal, it is also responsible for a multitude of physiological functions.

The said study also pointed out that the ideal amount of water you should give your feline family member is ¼ cup per pound of weight. This is to ensure that all physiological functions like metabolism, digestion, respiration, and muscle flexibility, among others, will remain optimal.

A quick reminder, though. Simply topping up your cat’s water bowl will not cut it. Fill his bowl with fresh, clean water every day to really maximize the benefits of hydration.


Cat Care Essential #3: Having litter boxes is a must.

cat inside litter box

What’s really interesting is that your feline family member likes to keep things as clean as can be. This is why it is important that you get your hands on litter boxes if you’re planning to get or adopt a cat soon.

Aside from training your pet where to regularly do his business, having at least two (2) litter boxes in your household also makes cleaning up after him much more manageable. However, it is crucial to take note that these things have to be cleaned daily or else your cat won’t be that excited to use them no matter how much prodding you do.

Pro-tip: Put the litter boxes in places that are away from the normal hustle and bustle of your home, but preferably in well-lit and sufficiently ventilated areas. Your cat will really appreciate it.


Cat Care Essential #4: Dental health is a priority.

owner brushing cat's teeth

As soon as your cat turns a year old, he becomes more prone to dental health issues like periodontitis, gingivitis, and even the accelerated deterioration of the dentin. Introducing him to a toothbrush as early as possible helps curb these problems.

Acquainting your feline family member with dental hygiene at a very young age significantly helps condition him to be very cooperative every time you clean his teeth, gums, and tongue. And you wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of brushing the teeth of a bigger cat that’s putting up a fight.


Cat Care Essential #5: Don’t forget to include a scratching post in your checklist.

Gray shorthair scottish striped cat scratching a brown post

Unlike what a lot of people mistakenly think, a scratching post isn’t just a place where your cat can freely rub and scrape his claws. It actually helps your pet maintain the flexibility of his muscles as well as “trim off” the dense outer layers of his claws to keep them even.

I highly recommend having one scratching post per cat since your feline family member can get rather territorial with this thing almost immediately. Moreover, giving your kitty a piece of old cardboard every once in a while also helps mix things up when it comes to scratching.


Cat Care Essential #6: A meticulous brush a day goes a really long way.

Owner brushing cat's coat

Making it a point to brush your feline family member at least once every other day helps get rid of loose and dead hair that can eventually turn into hairballs before you know it. Brushing is also a smart way to make your cat feel cozy while you check his skin for any nicks, parasites, and similar irregularities that may require immediate care and attention.

Go for a cat brush that suits the length and density of your pet’s coat. However, if you are not completely sure which one to pick, choosing one that has a combination of pin brush and bristle side is a clever approach.


Cat Care Essential #7: A cat carrier makes getting from one place to another much more manageable.

cat in pet carrier

Cats are naturally inquisitive and won’t hesitate to display this attribute even inside a moving vehicle. To prevent the possibility of your pet being exposed to injury—or worse, an accident on the road because you got distracted behind the wheel because of his antics—make sure you put him inside a carrier whenever you’re traveling.

When choosing a cat carrier, make it a point to get one that is about 1 and 1⁄2 times the size of your feline family member. Besides having a lot of room for your pet to move around easily, the ideal carrier also allows him to stand without his head touching the roof at any time.


Cat Care Essential #8: Have your cat spayed or neutered.

cat in collar recovering after surgery

Sure, this one may not sound like your usual tip in a cat care checklist but getting your feline family member spayed or neutered definitely has some great benefits and advantages. See, cats can feel very uncomfortable when they are in heat regardless of sex, which almost always leads to unwanted aggression.

Apart from preventing your pet from taking out his aggression on you or the furniture, spaying and neutering also helps curb certain diseases like testicular cancer, breast tumors, and uterine infections according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). It also prevents unwanted pregnancies in very young female cats.

It is important to remember that this elective procedure can already be done when your cat reaches the age of five or six months.

And now here’s the bonus tip that I was telling you about earlier…


A Bonus Tip to Boost your Cat’s Resilience Against Health Issues


Zumalka Silverpet
A strong and resilient immune system plays a very important role in promoting your cat’s overall health and wellness. Zumalka’s SILVERPET is designed to strengthen your pet’s immune system while improving his natural healing functions at the same time.

SILVERPET is also formulated to maintain the ideal function of your feline family member’s bladder, ears, eyes, joints, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract, among others. And since this natural product uses premium ingredients and a gentle holistic approach, your pet won’t be prone to any adverse side effects.



A Quick Recap

Taking in a feline family member involves keeping a few important things in mind. Besides ensuring that your poet will be as comfy and happy as possible, noting them down also helps repel unexpected health issues.

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Suzie Cyrenne


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