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Mar 23, 2023by Suzie Cyrenne


We know our cats love to lounge around. But have you noticed your kitty restless or even the opposite, more lethargic than normal? If this is going on for quite some time now, there’s a chance that your pet may be going through a cardiovascular health issue.

Although the thought of your cat suffering from any disease—not to mention one that’s affecting his cardiovascular system—can be quite alarming, knowing the options that you can go for as regards supporting your pet should be your top priority.

In a few moments, we will talk about cat heart disease and how you can properly support your kitty’s heart so it will stay in good shape. Please read this all through since I’m also sharing a bonus tip that I’m sure you’ll appreciate.

How about we start things off by having an overview on heart disease in cats?


A Quick Walkthrough on Cat Heart Disease

Believe it or not, felines are extremely vulnerable to cat heart disease. Moreover, congestive heart failure in cats is also quite prevalent in specific breeds such as the American Shorthair, Persian, and the Maine Coon.

The most common cat heart disease is feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). This is characterized by the thickening of the heart’s walls making it really hard for blood to be pumped.

Compared to other pets like dogs, determining if a kitty has a cat heart condition is very tricky. See, one of the major indicators of heart disease in animals is a sharp decline in their overall physical movement in just a short matter of time.

Although this decrease in physical activity can be easily observed in dogs because they typically play with their parents, it can be rather tough to determine in cats. As you know, felines tend to slip under sofas or curl near the windowsill and snooze most of the time.

What it all boils down to is that detecting cat heart disease is difficult and most cases are already in their end-stage when diagnosed. And just to be very honest with you, cat heart disease is very serious and can strike at a time when you least expect it.

This is the biggest reason why your beloved feline needs to have the proper cat cardiovascular health support as early as possible to avoid this situation.

Now we’ve got that covered, let’s check out the probable causes of feline cardiovascular heart failure…


The Possible Causes of Heart Failure in Cats

For starters, there are only two classifications of cat heart disease. It can be either already present at birth—or congenital as it’s technically called—or just pops up unexpectedly during a feline’s adult life due to some other factors, which is also referred to as “adult onset” heart disease.

In short, a kitty’s vulnerability to feline cardiovascular heart failure can be either inherited or has developed because of some other reason like age, diet, environment or an underlying health issue.

Prominent health issues that often progress to a cat heart condition include anemia, heartworm, hypertension, and thyroid disorders. Infections can potentially trigger feline heart disease as well.

And while this isn’t as common as the other factors, significant blunt force trauma to a cat’s chest and its surrounding areas may also lead to sudden cardiac death if not properly assessed and taken care of.

The point is that whether it’s the risk of congenital or adult onset heart disease, providing your precious kitty with the right cat cardiovascular health support is definitely essential. Next, we’ll go over the indicators of heart failure in cats…


The Symptoms of Cat Heart Failure

Although I’ve pointed out earlier that detecting cat heart disease can be difficult, here are some key indicators you should keep in mind to help you determine if your beloved kitty is suffering from this problem…


Symptom #1: Sudden restlessness

If your cat is typically calm and relaxed then he becomes very noisy and anxious without a warning—particularly during nighttime—it is an indicator that he could be possibly suffering from heart disease.


Symptom #2: Mobility problems and labored breathing

If your kitty is normally playful then suddenly becomes lethargic and withdrawn—to the point that he already becomes hesitant to receive gestures of affection— it's a possible indicator of feline heart disease.


Symptom #3: Fainting

If your feline friend faints without warning, it’s highly likely that he could be suffering from cat heart disease. Moreover, this symptom is usually accompanied by repeated bouts of vomiting.


What is End-stage Cardiovascular Failure in Cats?

What’s really scary about cat heart disease is that it can be fatal if detected too late.

Let’s take cat hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, for example. If this heart disease is only discovered during its end-stage, the walls of the heart will become so thick and constricted that no blood will ever be pumped.

This leads to sudden cardiac death of your beloved kitty. As a pet parent myself, I know how devastating it is to hear that your animal friend is diagnosed with heart disease. This is why I’m going to share with you a few pointers on how to promote and support your cat’s cardiovascular health using natural means.

So let’s get right to it…


Things You Can Do To Promote and Support Your Cat’s Heart Health

The first thing you can do is to increase your feline’s intake of fatty fish like salmon.

See, these types of fish are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids that not just help keep the heart ideally functioning, but also keep inflammation and cellular damage at bay. Preparing the fish is also not complicated as well.

You can either steam or grill the fish plainly without any seasoning or flavoring added and you’re good to go. This is going to be a tasty and a heart-healthy treat for your feline friend.


Another way to do this is by integrating chia seeds into your kitty’s meals.

Chia seeds are the most abundant plant-based sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. These seeds are so loaded with beneficial fatty acids that you only need a sprinkle of them to harness their heart-friendly goodness.

You simply have to mix some chia seeds in your kitty’s meals and you’re good to go.

And now here’s the “bonus tip” I was telling you about earlier…


A Natural Option that You Should Check Out

Let me introduce you Zumalka’s HEARTPET. It is completely natural, made from high-quality ingredients, and is designed to maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system in cats. This product offers a gentle, holistic touch that your kitty will truly love.

If your pet needs support for irregular heartbeat, sensitivity to pressure, throbbing in the arteries, shallow breaths, bloody sputum, excessive palpitation or the like, this premium product is the way to go.


Why Reaching Out to Us an Advantage

Cat heart disease is no doubt a serious health problem. Whether you’re looking to make sure that your kitty won’t be an easy target for heart disease or still searching for the right support if he is already afflicted with this illness, we’ve got your back.

All you need to do is contact us and we will walk you through the best natural options to keep your cat happy and healthy. You can do so at any time, too!



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Suzie Cyrenne


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Besides immersing herself in books, personal development and visiting new places, Suzie also enjoys keeping herself in tiptop shape by snowboarding and taking daily hikes with her husband and Zumalka co-founder, Matt Lessard, and their Golden-Doodle, Westin.

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