Your Pet Needs a Detox Too!

May 6, 2019byVeronic Fournier


Have you ever heard about detoxification?

Our pets breathe the same air we do and are exposed to processed foods as much as we are. They even eat whatever they find in the woods or drink delicious stagnant water directly from a pond. As a veterinary technician, I work in a veterinary clinic and meet dogs everyday who have health issues after having eaten random things such as : mushrooms, feces, toxic plants, socks, corn hub, underwears, toys, bones, and corn hub again.

Your pet’s body, even more than yours, is exposed to toxins everyday.

As time goes, it can affect your best friend’s immune system. When overloaded by chemicals, your pet’s organs stop working properly. In an early stage, this can translate by an itchy skin, digestive issues or urinary tract problems, for example. Therefore, getting rid of those pathogens before they cause any damage will help your pet’s body function like it’s normally supposed to.

Is it necessary to detox my dog and my cat? Yes!

We know you want to help your beloved furry companions to feel good. Let me explain the basics of this concept.






First things first, what does “detox” mean?

When I use the word detox, I think about different techniques used to help achieve one same goal; the cleanse of an organism.

A detoxification is the process used to get rid of toxins that have accumulated in you or your pet’s body. It normally includes herbs, homeopathic products, and natural process such as drinking more water, changing diet or even fasting.

Every creature on this planet is exposed on a daily basis to various kinds of chemicals. Exposure to toxins are frequent and come from different sources.

Basically, our lungs filter the air we breathe, our digestive system assimilates the food we eat and our liver and kidneys absorb the medication we take. Therefore, even if you are living the healthiest lifestyle possible, your organs can always benefit from a detox.

Same thing goes for your furry friends.





Now, and regularly.

It is never too late to join the movement of detoxification, and Spring is the perfect timing for it. The sun is out and revitalizes our bodies. All living beings get more active and energy levels are at their peak.

Why wait, might as well enjoy the benefits of detox now!

A detoxification is not harmful and can definitely boost good health, so why not now? Give your pet every chance to live a long happy healthy life!

The liver and kidneys play a huge role in filtering these toxins. This is why, during the detox process, it is important to focus on these organs. Let me explain, please scroll down.





Now that you know it’s time to help your pet get rid of all these chemicals, I will give you a few tips on how to proceed.

In order to detox your pet’s liver, some changes in his diet can be made. For example, adding green leafy vegetables to your pet’s diet can help him get rid of some toxins. They contain chlorophyll, which will bind to toxins and heavy metals and will transport them out of the body. Make sure to use a plant that is not toxic for your pet, otherwise, we would be missing the point, wouldn’t we!

Caution, change in diet should be made gradually and supervised by a professional. Make sure you are still offering a balanced meal, full of all the nutrients your pet needs.

Probiotics are amazing and can be a great tool in order to support this change of diet. Stomachs can act weird in presence of new food!

Some people will also recommend fasting as a detoxification method. In the past, wild dogs would go through periods of fasting in between hunting sessions and this is the idea behind the concept of fasting. Back to the roots. If you decide to go down that route, I suggest the support of a holistic veterinarian. Fasting has to be done in a specific way in order to get all the benefits and not endanger our pets.  

One easy and simple way to help your pet obtain that liver cleanse is to use our General Detoxification package.

The liver drainer will help your furry friend’s body to function at its best even if you don’t change his diet or use fasting.

Click HERE to start the detox for your animal.




Kidneys act the same way for humans and pets. They are responsible for the production of urine. A lot of toxins are eliminated from the body via this process. As a result, the more the urine is concentrated, the more pathogens the kidneys are exposed to. This is why making sure your pet is very well hydrated helps a lot in the kidney detoxifying process.

Tips for making your pet DRINK more :


  • CATS :
    • Make sure you provide different sized bowls and glasses around the house. Only one is boring for them. In the wild, they wander all day in search of water.
    • Make sure the container is big enough. Some princess cats will refuse to drink if their whiskers touch the edge of the bowl.
    • Cats LOVE running water. Try showing them to drink directly from tap water or buy a nice fountain for them to use.
    • Make sure water is always fresh, I know a lot of very picky cats!


  • DOGS :
    • Add a little bit of broth in the water to make it more interesting for them.
    • Mix their food with a bit of warm water. A warmer temperature makes the food more palatable for them and they get to increase their water intake at the same time.
    • Give icy treats in warmer summer temperature. Get creative by hiding a yummy surprise in a ice cube! My sister’s dog Nash LOVES plain ice cubes.
    • Freeze a chew-toy filled with a water enriched mixture of your choice and give it as a treat.

An increased intake of water will definitely help your pet to purge unwanted molecules from his kidneys. These organs will then function as they should and their action of filtration will become more efficient. This will help boost your pet’s immune system.

In this General Detoxification package, we also include a kidney drainer, in order to help your pet achieve a more complete detoxification for these organs.

I invite you to read more about our complete package to help detox your pet’s whole body in only a few steps!

Detoxification has never been easier.



Now that you know more about how to help your pet with detox and why, I invite you to do the research for yourself as well!

A healthy owner makes for a happy doggy or kitty!

I wish you a sunny and healthy Spring!


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Veronic Fournier


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Her immersion with various veterinary clinics in British Columbia and other places has made Veronique not just knowledgeable, but also quite perceptive in zeroing in on the right strategy to help keep pets in the best of health.

And can we get you in on a secret? Veronique shares that she has already made a lot of canine pals due to her stint as a foster mom in several shelters. Isn’t that cool?

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