3 Ways to NATURALLY Boost your Dog's Immune System at Home

3 Ways to NATURALLY Boost your Dog's Immune System at Home

If you could associate an image to what the immune system is, what would it look like? A shield, a force field or armor?  It is hard to describe what the immune system can do to help your dog stay healthy because we cannot see it.  But I know that for every dog owner out there, if we could shield our dog against all bad things we would!

If we could see all the invisible germs, or pollutants out there attacking our dog's system, we would probably never set foot outside!  With this in mind, I'm not trying to scare anyone from letting their dog out the door.  All I'm saying is, with so many potential health threats out there, let's do everything in our power to protect them the RIGHT way.

The immune system- what is it

As we've mentioned, the immune system is vital to protect your dog's health, like a repellent shield of sorts.  I always like to think of it as a force field around the entire body. With enough energy, this force field can fight off most sicknesses attacking the body. Yet, if the force field is not  kept at its maximum strengthen, much more danger is allowed to unbalance the entire system and result in diseases, allergies or sicknesses.

Let's face it, if we can avoid having to make regular vet visits for repeated problems in our dog's health, let's DO IT!   


3 Rules How to Boost and Strengthen Your Dog Immune Health 

1. Choose the RIGHT diet


Have you ever heard the expression, 'you are what you eat'?  Well, we can similarly apply this saying to our dog's situation.  True they do have a stronger tolerance for 'bad' food as they are a scavenger species.  But, this doesn't mean we can feed them just anything and they will always be just fine.  It is NOT ok to simply give them table scraps or people food!!  I'm sure you have read up on so many new articles talking about raw foods or simple recipes to make at home.   

You can easily take a few minutes to make a nice healthy and balanced meal for your dog.  If time is an issue, then your vet or other animal food specialists can give you a good idea of what food with help your dog stay healthy.



A balanced diet can accomplish so much good for your dog's internal functions.  Providing the right minerals, proteins and vitamins in order to nourish the organs and tissues.   Also, we want to make sure we always have fresh water to complement their meals.  Clean water is important to evacuate the toxins in the body.


2. Add PROBIOTICS to the daily routine


Yes, that's right! Probiotics can also be very beneficial for your dog!  Giving small regular doses of probiotics will have so many wonderful benefits to boost the immune system.  By building up the intestinal flora and walls this not only promotes healthy digestion, but also creates a very real defense from stress or sickness.

It is important however, to use GOOD probiotics and the right dosage to suit your dog. Quality probiotics have the potential to boost the immune defense by up to 8 times!!  Emphasis on QUALITY here because some lesser quality probiotics can contain traces of allergens that some pets can have reactions to.   

If you already have some probiotic capsules at home, have a chat with a specialist to tell you what doses would be good for your dog.



3. Get up and out! EXERCISE!


Well all know the benefits of exercising for us humans, this motion of walking, running, or cardio workout burns unwanted fat cells, get good circulation going, lowers stress, oxygenates the whole body and leaves us feeling good and happy.   

So, then, let me ask you this... have you ever seen your dog board when taken to the park for a walk or run?  NOOO WAY.  Outside, dogs perk up, they are itching to let off some steam and have some fun chasing the ball or out with the kids for a game of tag.  Exercise is just as ESSENTIAL as the other 2 rules mentioned above.   

This 3rd tip works for both optimal physical and emotional health.  They will be able to goof off and feel good and get fresh air in their system in the process.

The combination of good food, probiotics and exercise creates a natural 'battery pack' for your dog's immune system ensuring that it is always working at it's very best to ward off any potential health threats.


Start Making a Difference!

As you can see, 3 golden rules are not hard to remember and very easy to follow.  Perhaps a few changes need to be made in your dog's life to boost his/her immune system?

That you be a new dog parent or have always had dogs in your home, we all know that adding a furry member to the family is a big responsibility.  We become parents of sorts, and this is not a responsibility we want to take lightly.  Even though money or time may be an issue, we can all do our pet parent part to avoid costly vet bills and heartache if we start prevention measures now.   

Are you already doing your best to boost your dog's immune system?  That's great!  Keep it up!  You won't regret it.  

If you are struggling to keep your dog's immune system healthy, don't give up!  I'm sure you can do it! After all, it's as easy as 1,2,3... 




Denise Lessard
Denise Lessard


Denyse Lessard is deemed as the “mother” of Zumalka, which was established more than ten years ago to provide easily accessible natural products for pet wellness worldwide.

Besides being a trained alternative medicine therapist, Denyse also has expertise in homeopathy, naturopathy and iridology, reflexology, as well as Chinese medicine. She is a long-standing member of the Professional Union of Homeopaths of Quebec, as well as the Association of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Quebec.

Denyse’s philosophy as regards pet wellness is not just about only dealing with disease and illness when they get in the picture, but keeping animals in ideal health each and every day.

Find out more about Denyse when you click HERE.

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