12 Tips On How To Save Money On Pet Care

by Suzie Cyrenne February 08, 2020 7 min read


12 Tips On How To Save Money On Pet Care

You love your pet and would do anything to keep him happy and healthy. The connection you share is special and you want to give him the best care possible. Right ? Of course. But owning a pet requires money. Whether it’s for food, vaccinations or for any creative way your pet finds to make you reach into your wallet. The good news is there are many simple ways to save on the cost of pet care without sacrificing his quality of life. Here are 12 money-saving tips that will allow you to keep your pet in good health:

1. Use coupons for food and toys

You can find many deals and coupons online for food, toys, grooming, household products or other pet supplies. The discounts will range from a percentage off to an actual amount off when you spend a certain amount of money.

Coupons can be found for both online and in store discounts. Many websites are committed to listing coupons that can be either printed out or used online. Luckily, not only are there websites dedicated to offering coupons, but there are websites that specialize in offering coupons, promotions and freebies just for pets. You may want to check these websites out: PetCo, PetSmart, Wag.com and My Pet Savings.

These websites are great, but sometimes you don’t have the time to search to see if they offer a coupon for the specific product you have in mind. That’s not a problem. You will be surprised at how many times you can find a coupon code for the product you have in mind by searching on google for your product name + coupon. For example, you can search for a coupon code for greenies by typing: “greenies regular dog coupon”. Your search results will turnout in a variety of coupon choices for this exact product.

Have you also considered signing up for your favorite brand or store email newsletter ? This is really great to keep up to date on the latest sales or discounts available for a limited time period.

Other things you might want to look into are loyalty discounts or even big discounts for first time customers. Also, remember that many companies offer free shipping to help you save even more.


2. Consider pet insurance or wellness plans

Opinions vary on whether or not you should have pet insurance. It really is a personal decision and it depends on a lot of things: what breed you own, what problems he is prone to, his current health, etc. However, selecting the right insurance policy could help lighten up your wallet. Especially if you have a pet who’s tendency is getting his nose into trouble. Insurance policies have so many exclusions and options, so which one should you choose ?

No one can predict what will happen in the future, so you will have to do your best at choosing the right plan for your pet. Start by ruling out what plans definitely won’t work for you because they don’t meet either your pet’s needs or simply your wallet. Than ask questions. The more questions you ask the insurer, the more you’ll get an idea of what you want and need. In addition, insuring your pet while he’s still young will keep his insurance premiums low.


3. Buy in bulk and split the cost with a friend

You like to get your money’s worth right ? Buying in large quantities is one of the best ways to save on food and pet treats. The only thing is that it may be just to much for you. So why not share the food and cost with a friend ? Splitting the cost with a friend will help you save money and food stays fresher than if you buy it in big quantities.


4. Pet-proof your home

Being aware of common household dangers can save a lot of money on sudden trips to the vet by pet-proofing your house. It’s really important to inform yourself of what represents a danger. Other than the typical toxic plants, chocolate and antifreeze, there are other items you may not realize are poisonous to pets. Here are some tips for pet-proofing:

  • Flat irons & curling irons: If you leave them “on” and leave the room, it could be dangerous for your pet. His curiosity could result in a burn.
  • Pill bottles: Dogs especially are good at opening childproof bottles. Many pills like vitamins, cold medicines and painkillers can be poisonous for pets.
  • Candles: When they are lit, the flame can seem fun and exciting for your pet. A wagging tail can also brush a candle’s flame which could result in an urgent visit to the vet.
  • Cleaning supplies: Just like for children, you want to keep those out of reach.


5. Have a pet emergency fund

Unexpected visits to the vet happen. When you aren’t ready for that, it can put you over your budget in no time. If you already put away a certain amount of money for yourself in an emergency fund, why not do the same for your beloved pet ? This can certainly prevent to find yourself in debt and it will permit you to concentrate only on your pet’s health.


6. Preventative care

Rather than visiting your vet only on occasion for an emergency or illness, keeping up with routine check ups will avoid costly health related issues in the future. By finding your pet’s problems early, it will increase his life span.

Even if you go see your vet regularly, your pet can still develop health problems. Again, to cut down costs, the best thing to do is to treat illnesses promptly. Starting treatment as soon as possible will help you save on the long run. On the other hand, if you wait too long to treat a problem, it can worsen and it will cost you so much more than if you would have taken care of the problem in the beginning. Not only will it cost you more, but it can endanger your pet’s health.

You can also cut costs by administering yourself preventive treatments for ticks and fleas and heart-worm. If this is something that interests you, make sure you visit zumalka.com to find out how to prevent these problems with homeopathy. Other preventive care basics include feeding your pet food of good quality, cleaning his teeth on a regular basis and exercising with him to prevent obesity. Obesity can lead to many costly health issues, so watching your pet’s weight is essential.


7. Learn to groom your pet

It takes practice, it takes patience, but once you got the hang of it you can save money through the years by learning to groom your pet yourself. It’s best to start when he’s young. That way, he won’t put up a fight everytime you try to groom him.

If your not much of a pet stylist like me, you can always cut the coat very low to stretch out the time in between grooming visits. If you own a dog, brush his coat regularly to prevent being charged extras for his matted fur.


8. Make your own pet toys

DIY dog or cat toys will help you save a bit of money. The internet is full of ideas on how to make your own pet toys. Pinterest alone has many great ideas for DIY cat toys or DIY dog toys. Not only will it cost you less, but since you’re the one that knows your pet the best, you’ll be able to make him the perfect toy with the exact sizes and dimensions to suit his taste and needs. Choose the most indestructible materials to make them last you for a very long time.


9. Buy quality pet accessories

Buy the highest-quality and most durable collars and leashes and you will be good to go for a long time. One can never regret buying items of good quality.


10. Take advantage of specials and promotions offered at your vet’s office

Your vet may offer short-term promotions at certain periods throughout the year. Take advantage of them and save money on check-ups, treatments, pet food, dental cleanings, spays and neuters and more.


11. Save money on pet sitters

There are various ways you can save on pet sitting. First of all, you can ask a friend to pet-sit your furry friend and save money. Also, instead of taking your dog to an expensive facility, you can try to find a responsible neighbour who would be willing to come 2-3 times a day to fill up the food and water bowl, let your pet out if he needs to and play with him a little. Last but not least, you can ask your vet to recommend you a pet sitting organization. Pet sitters who are part of these associations are often usually insured and certified which is always preferred.


12. Homeopathy

In fact, many people use high quality homeopathic products to help reinforce the health of their animal. For example, giving probiotics to your pet on a regular basic will strengthen his immune system up to 8 times more. This can help your pet from getting ill and maintaining his overall health. If you’d like to learn more on how homeopathy can help you save on high vet bills, read this blog post that was published on the popular blog dogtime.com.

You too can help others who may be in a stressful money situation with their pets. What are your money-saving pet and vet care tips ?



Suzie Cyrenne
Suzie Cyrenne


Suzie Cyrenne has dedicated more than 20 years of her life in making and improving natural animal health solutions in the global setting.

Being the co-founder of Zumalka, Suzie is a forerunner in enhancing the lives of pets through natural and homeopathic options using the knowledge she has gained from the Classical Homeopathy School in Quebec.

Through the guidance of her mother-in-law and fellow natural health expert, Denyse Lessard, Suzie constantly devotes herself to create premium pet products that are aimed at dealing with the root causes of wellness problems and not just their symptoms.

Besides immersing herself in books, personal development and visiting new places, Suzie also enjoys keeping herself in tiptop shape by snowboarding and taking daily hikes with her husband and Zumalka co-founder, Matt Lessard, and their Golden-Doodle, Westin.

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Good medicine homeo


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I meant to say also that the 12 Tips are very good..all of them!


December 09, 2015

I would like to add…Please really look into the upkeep of any pet BEFORE you buy.Could be number 1. Also,learn how to clean or even scale dogs teeth at least,cats not so easy.Express anal glands not hard when you know how. Off subject….I really do not care for the extended leads,many do not use them properly.A good six foot lead held properly can be let out,or have dog at heel.Teach dog basic obedience,so he/she does not get in trouble,can save a trip to vet…Owners please remember when at training classes,it is training YOU to train your dog,and TONE of voice makes all the difference in the world.

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