Bad Breath

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  • Does your pet need natural relief from BAD BREATH? It could be more than just a dental problem. This combo of homeopathic products work together to eliminate bad breath by targeting a common, root cause: digestive issues. Best of all, it is suitable for dogs and cats!

    - Supports your animal's digestive health.
    - Supports the kidney, liver and digestive functions

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Gélinas D.
It worked very well

The products have worked very well. Thanks and I have recommended them to several people.

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What is the BAD BREATH natural product kit?
The BAD BREATH combo consists of our KIDNEY DRAINER, LIVER DRAINER and LYMPH DRAINER homeopathic products which, combined, promote a more harmonious digestion and toxin elimination. Bad breath can be caused by a dental problem (tartar buildup, gingivitis, etc.), but if this cause is eliminated, it can be a sign of a digestive issue. To promote better digestion, cleansing the organs is essential.

- The KIDNEY DRAINER natural product helps cleanse and eliminate toxins from the body, thereby helping to improve immune function and rejuvenate the kidneys and urinary tract functions.
- The LIVER DRAINER natural product promotes the elimination of toxins present in the liver, thus improving liver functions as well as digestion.
- The LYMPH DRAINER promotes lymphatic drainage and the elimination of cellular waste. It promotes the cleaning and filtering of blood and contributes to the natural production of antibodies to help the immune system.

Who are these products suitable for?
- All animals with bad breath caused by poor digestion.
- This natural product can be used for all animals.
- NOT RECOMMENDED for pets with cancer or young pets under the age of 2 years old.

Bad breath, sometimes also called halitosis, refers to breath with an unpleasant smell, often because of the presence of bacteria in the mouth.

What are the symptoms of BAD BREATH?
An unpleasant smell coming from the mouth of your pet, despite brushing its teeth (or other efforts to clean its teeth).

What are the possible causes of BAD BREATH?
- Incomplete digestion;
- Poor oral health;
- Gastroesophageal acidity;
- Stress (which dries the mouth);
- Diabetes;
- Angina;
- Liver or kidney diseases.