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  • The products in this popular kit work together so that your pet can have more complete support for healthy eye tissues over the long term.

    - Promotes healthy tissues of the eye
    - Purifies the blood
    - Supports eye comfort

    Advanced Homeopathic and Natural Kit for animals to Support Healthy Eyes
    This kit consists of our CLEAREYE, TONICPET #3, TONICPET #4 and TONICPET #7 products.

Customer Reviews

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Elaine B.
Considerable start.

The first few days I saw a considerable improvement which continued for about 2 weeks, but since then the progression has stopped. There is no more change and there is still some way to go until it’s fully healed.


My 2 kittens are 6 months old and had chronic cat flu (sneezing repeated conjunctivitis stuffy nose...) Since they turned 2 months old I tried everything: antibiotics inhalers homeopathic pellets but it always ended up getting worse so I had to use antibiotics. I had really lost all hope and hated having to force these treatments on them. So I tried the Cat Flu 1 and 2 conjunctivitis and the TonicPet #7... Since then the symptômes are clearly better in only one week they only have one or two sneezes a day! I am so thrilled to see them feeling much better eating well no conjunctivitis (without having to use antibiotics). The remedies are easy to administer (using a small dropper with water and the recommended sprays) they easily take it and it ends up being much cheaper for me this way than all the pellets I was buying in the pharmacy since the bottle lasts 6 months. For their next vaccination I will use the Vaccines (problems due to) following the recommendations made by your customer service team. They both had a very strong and persistant cat flu but since discovering Homeoanimal our lives have come back to normal. Thank you so much for them (and for me)

More Information

What is the 'Advanced Homeopathic and Natural Kit to Support Healthy Eyes'?
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better! Developed to promote more complete support for healthy eye tissues, this kit of four EXCELLENT remedies is specially crafted to help your pet in the following ways:

- The CLEAREYE homeopathic natural product is the IDEAL remedy to address your pet’s swollen, infected, painful, red, teary or watery eyes.
- The TONICPET #3 natural product is a homeopathic fortifier that purifies the blood.
- The TONICPET #4 natural product is a homeopathic fortifier that promotes eye comfort and immune responses.
- The TONICPET #7 natural product promotes healthy oxygen circulation into the deeper layers of the eye tissues.

Who is this kit suitable for?
- Animals needing more support for eye health.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.

What is conjunctivitis?
Conjunctivitis (also known as pink eye or eye infection) presents as swelling and redness of the conjunctiva. It is often characterized by eye discharge.

What are the symptoms of conjunctivitis?
The following symptoms may apply to one or both eyes.
- Pain;
- Sensation of burning, scratching or abrasion;
- Secretions that sometimes form a crust during the night;
- Redness of the eye;
- Tearing/watering of the eyes.

What are the possible causes of conjunctivitis?
- Bacterial (most common form, spreads by contact between humans and animals);
- Viral;
- Allergy;
- Injury.