Tonicpet #9

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  • Does your pet need additional support for BALANCED HYDRATION? Look no further because we’ve got a natural product for your animal to support water balance in the body. Best of all, it’s great for both cats and dogs.

    - Promotes proper hydration of the body
    - Helps promote a healthy red blood cell count
    - A gentle holistic approach
    - No chemicals
    - High-quality ingredients

Customer Reviews

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Kim L.

I use this as part of the eye pressure support system. I have been very happy with the system and it has helped keep my dogs eye pressures in normal limits. I have a machine that I can check them at home so I know it is working

Rose L.

Tonicpet #9

Suzanne L.R.
Tonic #9

Sorry to say that this Tonic, which I have given twice a day to my dog since receiving it, has not lessened his tearing at all! I was really hoping you had something like eye drops that would work better for him.

Hi Suzanne,

Please remember that natural products often take longer to take full effect than allopathic medication since they start their work from deep within the body, and at first these changes are not immediately perceptible. We understand that you are anxious to see results and we hope you will see improvements very soon. Please give the products time to work. Alternatively, you can feel free to take advantage of our generous return policy. We are here if you have any questions along the way!

Geneva M.
I'd highly recommend your products to anyone

Thank you for all the help and advice with Queenie and Princess. They are both spayed now and will be 1year old next month. Two wonderful, loving companions. I'd highly recommend your products to anyone. Queenie (pictured below)is not the same cat; she's so loving and very playful. Queenie particularly was quite ill back in May and was
diagnosed as extremely anemic. It was advised by the Emergency vet that she should have blood transfusions which I couldn't afford or be euthanized. I saw your advertisements and turned to you. Your [staff] were extremely helpful and recommended a very intensive recovery process. In September I took her to a different
vet. They diagnosed her completely cured. She is now spayed. fat. Playful and happy.
An extremely satisfied customer!
Pictures: Queenie lying down, extremely ill
Princess, standing up, Fat. Healthy, Playful.

Aubrey T.C.
So incredibly grateful to have found this company

I tried the kidney protocol "just to see", was truly not expecting a miracle but was willing to try anything for our dog, and I am thrilled to report she is doing MUCH better. In fact, her doctor just ran bloodwork and said " her kidney values are back in the normal range, which is EXTREMELY rare." I do attribute her improvement to the HomeoAnimal treatment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart- I feel like you've helped extend her life, and give her a better quality of life in her last years.

More Information

What is the TONICPET #9 natural product?
This tonic promotes the proper hydration of the body. It promotes the elimination of excess water in the body. It is also good to help balance your pet's red blood cell count.

Who is this natural product suitable for?
- All animals that need to promote balanced hydration.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.

What are the TONICPET natural products?
- Our TONICPET line is a group of homeopathic products that help with health care for small problems. They can be taken for health care support or in addition to homeopathic care over the short or long term safely.
- They dissolve almost instantly in the mouth or in water making them easy products to give to animals.
- These products do not carry any of the restrictions that homeopathic products typically have in respect to how to take and use them.
- Our TONICPET line optimizes health care results.