"AMA-Ask me anything" Chat with our Homeopath (15mins)
"AMA-Ask me anything" Chat with our Homeopath (15mins)
"AMA-Ask me anything" Chat with our Homeopath (15mins)
"AMA-Ask me anything" Chat with our Homeopath (15mins)

"AMA-Ask me anything" Chat with our Homeopath (15mins)

"AMA-Ask me anything" Chat with our Homeopath (15mins)

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Description for '"AMA-Ask me anything" Chat with our Homeopath (15mins)'

Meet our Homeopath Sarah:

"Hi, I’m Sarah also known as The Modern Homeopath. 

I’m a certified Homeopath, specializing in working with animals of all kinds. My love for animals started as a young child, and I knew one day my career would include this somehow. I am a homesteader and have horses, dogs, cats, pigs, a bunny and many chickens and ducks. All who have successfully been treated with Homeopathy.

I love working with animals and I’m happy to bring my experience and passion to Zumalka."

We know that choosing the right products for your beloved pets is a crucial decision that impacts their health and happiness. At Zumalka, we want to ensure that you feel confident and well-informed when using our natural pet products. That's why we offer a personalized 15-minute video call with our experienced Homeopath, specifically dedicated to addressing your concerns and building trust in our products.

We will send you an email to book your time slot as soon as the purchase is processed.

**This session does not include an in depth analysis of your pet's health, history or provide you with a personalized and researched treatment plan.  For more in-depth help with our Homeopath, please consider our Online Homeopathic Consultation.

Here's why this video call with our Homeopath is invaluable in boosting your confidence:

Here's why this video call with our Homeopath is invaluable in boosting your confidence:

#1: Expert Insights: Our Homeopath is a certified professional with extensive knowledge and experience in natural pet care. They will provide expert insights into the benefits and effectiveness of our products, explaining how the natural ingredients work to support your pet's well-being.


#2: Personalized Care: Every pet is unique, and their health concerns may vary. During the 15-minute video call, our homeopath will actively listen to your observations and queries, gaining valuable insights into your pet's condition to offer personalized recommendations.


#3: Understanding Ingredients: We believe in transparency, and our Homeopath will take the time to explain each product's ingredients and their natural properties. You will gain a clear understanding of the components used, ensuring you know exactly what you're giving to your pet.


#4: Safety Assurance: Your pet's safety is paramount to us. Our Homeopath will discuss the rigorous quality standards we adhere to during product development and the safety measures we take to ensure our natural pet products are free from harmful chemicals or additives.


#5: Addressing Concerns: If you have any doubts or concerns about using natural products for your pet, this video call is the perfect opportunity to have them addressed by an expert. Our Homeopath will patiently answer all your questions, helping you make an informed decision.


#6: Convenience at Your Fingertips: With our video call consultation, you can access expert pet health advice from the comfort of your home at a time that suits your schedule.


What to expect during the consultation:

-A warm and empathetic environment where you can discuss your pet's health concerns openly and ask any questions you have about homeopathy and our Zumalka products.
-Customized Zumalka product recommendations aimed at addressing the root cause of your pet's health issues.

With this 15-minute video call with our Homeopath, you can feel empowered and confident in making the right choices for your pet's health. Trust in the natural goodness of our products and let us support your pet's journey to a happier and healthier life. Your pet's well-being is our top priority, and we're here to be your partner in their care.



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