Tonicpet #12

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  • Does your pet need additional support for the SKIN AND FUR? Look no further because we’ve got a natural product for your animal’s skin and coat health. Best of all, it’s great for both cats and dogs.

    - Promotes skin and coat health
    - Contributes to the cleaning and elimination of the body's waste
    - A gentle holistic approach
    - No chemicals
    - High-quality ingredients

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
pat g.
Skin Problems

Tonic # 12 was recommenced to me for my dog Sams skin infection. My dog has had severe allergies since he was a puppy. He was in bad shape and I gave him Tonic # 3 and # 12 for skin. I have him on on tonic but this was specific for healing the skin. I have kept him on these since then. I was told they can be given long term. This is high allergy time now and Sam has no skin problems. It is always helpful to me to talk with someone. Every time I talk to someone I learn something new to help my dog. Thank you Homeo Animal for helping me and my dog Samson.

Nathalie B.

Still delighted with the results on my Dalmatian, Ficelle

natacha B.
Works perfectly

Works perfectly. My cat’s hair has grown back and it’s experiencing less itching. For my rabbit, the anti-inflammatory relieves his allergies, but they have not totally gone away just yet.

Christian H.
Separating nails

Since I gave TonicPet #12 to my big hairy fella for his separating nails problem, everything seems to be in order!


I am very satisfied with your advice, with TonicPet, Liver, Kidney and Lymph Drainers, and with SilverPet for the infection problems.
Thank you very much for your skills and kindness.

More Information

What is the TONICPET #12 natural product?
This tonic contributes to the cleansing and elimination of waste from the body. It is also a mineralizer so it promotes fur regrowth and improves shine. TONICPET #12 works from the inside out to speed up and optimize the healing process for your pet’s skin issues and so much more!!

Who is this natural product suitable for?
- All animals needing more support for skin and coat health.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.

What are the TONICPET natural products?
- Our TONICPET line is a group of homeopathic products that help with health care for small problems. They can be taken for health care support or in addition to homeopathic care over the short or long term safely.
- They dissolve almost instantly in the mouth or in water making them easy products to give to animals.
- These products do not carry any of the restrictions that homeopathic products typically have in respect to how to take and use them.
- Our TONICPET line optimizes health care results.