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  • The products in this popular kit work together so that your pet can have more complete support for your cat's (or other types of animal's) respiratory health over the long term.

    - Promotes upper respiratory health
    - Increases oxygen supply in the airways

    Advanced Homeopathic and Natural Kit for Animals to Support Respiratory Health
    This kit consists of our BREATHE-EZ (Yellow), TONICPET #4, TONICPET #7 and TONICPET #9 products.

Customer Reviews

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Cheryl B.
Best products ever!

Best products ever!

Diana A.
She is doing so well

Valentina was sick from October 13 through December 20, as I wrote you, describing her symptoms. After ordering the kit from you, I even took her to a 24-hour emergency vet one Saturday night as she had a fever, stopped eating, and seemed sicker than ever. They hydrated her and gave her an injection of antibiotics. She improved slightly over the next week.
I finally got her into a holistic vet practice the day before your remedies arrived. She gave me colostrum, a chinese herbal remedy and glucamune. I will see her again in a month.

Finally I received the homeoanimal remedies.

Valentina was like a different cat about 12 hours after her first homeopathic dosing. She had tons of energy, was behaving like a kitten, very playful, and stopped sneezing. She still had a few symptoms, but I knew that they would be gone in 3 days, and they were. Her red weepy eyes finally cleared up.

All the kittenish behavior that would have been appropriate to her age returned and continues. She is always ready to play, is very active, making my male cat run around too (he is very lazy), and sleeps better too, because she can breathe properly. All discharges are gone.

I am so happy that she is doing so well, and cannot thank you enough for your recommendations.


My 2 kittens are 6 months old and had chronic cat flu (sneezing repeated cojonctivitis stuffy nose...) Since they turned 2 months old I tried everything: antibiotics inhalers homeopathic pellets but it always ended up getting worse so I had to use antibiotics. I had really lost all hope and hated having to force these treatments on them. So I tried the Cat Flu 1 and 2 conjonctivitis and the TonicPet #7... Since then the symptômes are clearly better in only one week they only have one or two sneezes a day! I am so thrilled to see them feeling much better eating well no conjonctivitis (without having to use antibiotics). The remedies are easy to administer (using a small dropper with water and the recommended sprays) they easily take it and it ends up being much cheaper for me this way than all the pellets I was buying in the pharmacy since the bottle lasts 6 months. For their next vaccination I will use the Vaccines (problems due to) following the recommendations made by your customer service team. They both had a very strong and persistant cat flu but since discovering Homeoanimal our lives have come back to normal. Thank you so much for them (and for me)

Excellent product and top notch customer service !

I ordered this product in desperation for one of my cats with chronic cat flu. And finally thanks to this product he no longer needs antibiotics. It allows me to manage his flu symptoms even if he does not enjoy being administered the product itself. I just placed a new order of Cat Flu 1 because with 20 cats at home I hope to banish antibiotics from my pharmacy. Also the customer service is top notch: they answered all my questions and made sure I didn’t make a mistake in my order. I want to thank them for their great work.

Carole L.
I am glad I ordered it!

I am glad I ordered it as it did help my kitten it stopped the sneezing.I used it for 10 days.So have lots left if I have another use for it.I was happy with the help from HomeoAnimal.If I did not have to pay U/S prices I would consider ordering other remedies.

More Information

What is the 'Advanced Homeopathic and Natural Kit to Support Respiratory Health'?
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better! Developed to promote more complete support for upper respiratory health, this kit of three EXCELLENT remedies is specially crafted to help your pet in the following ways:

- The BREATHE-EZ (YELLOW) natural product specially designed to help support respiratory health in animals (most often in cats). It is usually possible to know if your pet is fighting the virus by looking at the color of its nose or the ocular secretions (yellow or green). In these cases, BREATHE-EZ (YELLOW) works in cases of greenish-yellow secretions, sneezing, pain and obstruction in the nostrils, irritated nostrils and a wide variety of similar issues!
- The TONICPET #4 natural product helps increase the oxygen supply to the respiratory tract which supports breathing.
- The TONICPET #7 natural product is a homeopathic fortifier that deeply cleanses the blood of toxins accumulated in the body and increases the supply of oxygen to the respiratory system
- The TONICPET #9 natural product maintains the proper hydration of the body to help avoid dehydration.

Who is this kit suitable for?
- Animals needing advanced support for respiratory health.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.

What is coryza?
Often referred to as cat flu (although other animals may occasionally have the same symptoms), coryza is also called Upper respiratory tract infection (URI). It is a common and highly contagious disease in unvaccinated cats of all ages. Although it is generally not dangerous for healthy adult cats, it can be particularly dangerous for the younger ones. The two viruses associated with cat flu are Feline Herpes Virus (FHV-1) and Feline Calicivirus (FCV)

What are the symptoms of coryza?
- Sneezing;
- Nasal discharge (yellow/green) (or light/transparent in color – SEE BREATHE-EZ (Clear) Advanced kit);
- Discharge from the eyes;
- Breathing through the mouth;
- Loss of appetite;
- Light fever.

What are the possible causes of coryza?
Cat flu spreads through sneezing or coughing which projects tiny droplets. The virus is transmitted from cat to cat through contact. Infected cats must be isolated from others. The virus is not transmissible from cats to humans.