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  • Does your pet need additional support to help deal with UNHEALTHY CELLS or MASS in the BONES or BREAST TISSUE? The MAITAKE mushroom is a well-known medicinal mushroom that has been proven to provide excellent, reliable support when your pet needs it most!

    The MAITAKE mushroom is recommended along with our PIPTOPET natural product which will also serve as a great immune system booster.

Customer Reviews

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stacy l.

We’ve been giving this product to our girl Ziggy ever since her sarcoma ruptured last August - by December it was completely gone and has not returned!

Wouldn't touch it

My cat eats just about anything, not fussy at all but nothing I put this in would my cat touch. They are capsules you break open and mix it in but even broken down into 3 feeding mixes she wouldn't touch it. I made her go without food for 24 hours then mixed still wouldn't touch it.

Hi Shannon,
We sent you an email with a few suggestions on alternate ways to administer the remedies. Please let us know if we can help your kitties in any other ways!

David K.
Our cat had 14 days to live

Aside from shipping which is not very friendly. I was willing to pay for shipping and $500 to someone personally to walk the package to Fedex or DHL. We really needed the product the next day but the product came 12 days later due to shipping. Our cat had 14 days to live when we were diagnosed and the product barely arrived before her diagnosed end date. She is still alive three months later and we are giving her the products. I think the best part of homeoanimal is the help from the staff. We've been able to ask many questions and get clear and thoughtful answers. We don't know how much longer our little girl will be with us, but we treat each day as magical and she is definitely fighting. I could mention the weird phone system issues. But maybe they are fixed. We have found a good routine and if we need to we will order more product. And of course we hope to need to!

David K.
Definitely seems to be helping

Our little kitty got hit with a bone cancer. She was given less than 14 days to live, three months ago! We believe Cancerpet is part of what is helping her and can recommend it. The team is also great at homeoanimal.

Eva D.
You would not know he has cancer!

His cancer is a rare, slow growing cancer and it is right on the top crest of his head. It was removed surgically once 2 years ago, and when it came back, surgery was not an option, nor was chemo. Radiation had some serious risks because of where it was, it is located right next to a main artery on his noggin. Even with radiation, the vets couldn't tell me if it would prolong his life, and his vet visits are very stressful for him so it was then that I decided to look for a homeopathic resolution. My sister actually found your website for me and I am so glad she did. I won't know until his next x-ray what is happening with the cancer, but I can say that his energy level and overall health has been amazing. He is doing so well with this treatment and I am very hopeful that I will have even better news to report in January when I plan on having another x-ray. Since his cancer is slow growing, I am very fortunate to have found it early with regular x-rays, the biggest fear for this cancer is that it is growing in the skull and that if it grows through the skull that it will affect his brain. You would not know he has cancer to see him running around the back yard, I am so grateful for your products and support. He is guarding his chew toy from his Sister in the photo.

More Information

This mushroom is part of Naturopathy, Mycotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which are valuable allies, and has proven itself for centuries! It is only recently that many scientific studies have revealed its many powerful immunity-enhancing properties.

This is why we LOVE to recommend the MAITAKE mushroom as a way to complete your pet’s regimen for better health. It is FULL of antioxidants and offers a host of health perks for your pet, in addition to targeting an abnormal count of unhealthy cells or mass in the bone and breast tissue.

The MAITAKE mushroom works from the inside out to fight the growth and reproduction of unhealthy cells. This EFFECTIVE mushroom is known as the “THE MOST POWERFUL IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER OF ALL MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS”! It works before, during and even after chemotherapy treatments to relieve harsh side effects of chemo and stimulate healing. MAITAKE naturally adapts to the body in order to restore balance where it is needed. This EXCELLENT mushroom is certainly part of the ideal regimen to support your pet on their journey back to better health!