3 Surprising Things We Learned from One Customer

Here is the interview we had with Christina Priest:


We learn so much from our customers. We learn even more from their pets. And after a call with our customer Christina Priest, we got to thinking. Why not share the wealth? So we did our best to recap our conversations and key lessons to share with you.


First, a little bit about Christina.

Christina Priest lives in Massachusetts with her two sibling cats, Benjamin and Alivia. They are getting on in age and have been starting to exhibit some outward signs of aging. Christina naturally hated seeing them in a state of discomfort and wanted to do her part to help.

Benjamin was experiencing more issues than Alivia, so we’ll focus on him first.

Here is what Benjamin was dealing with:

  • Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) – It’s not uncommon for older cats to experience IBD. It’s more of a grouping of chronic gastrointestinal disorders than it is a disease. And just like most “diseases,” IBD is an outward sign that the body is experiencing an imbalance. Again, imbalances like this are common with pets (and people) who are middle aged and older. But that doesn’t make it easy for anyone to handle. And it doesn’t mean it’s inevitable.

  • Constipation – Unfortunately, many cats get constipated. Feline constipation could be caused by diet, medication, dehydration or other things. It can be painful for the cat and painful for the owner to witness.

  • Behavioral Problems – You may notice that pets can experience personality changes with age. Some are completely natural, but if they become grumpy or exhibit unexplained or eccentric behavior, it may be a sign that there’s an imbalance in your pet’s system.


Here’s what Christina tried

When she saw that Benjamin wasn’t exactly himself, Christina took Benjamin to the vet. She thought the vet would be able to treat the constipation and maybe the IBD. He was on medication for a while, but it didn’t help. So she searched non-invasive treatments because, what is there to lose?

That’s when she found Zumalka, and we’re glad she did.

According to Christina, the best word she could find for her shopping experience with Zumalka was “exemplary.” Her word choice, not ours She spent some time browsing our website, messaging with our staff online and talking to us on the phone. Together, we came up with a plan for Benjamin and his sister Alivia (we’ll touch on Alivia’s issues soon).


Benjamin’s homeopathic plan included:

Custom Remedy Package for animals Vomiting Homeopathic remedy for animals

 Homeopathic remedy to treat animals with hard stools problems

Anti-Tumor and Anti-inflammation Remedy for animals


And the 3 lessons we learned from Benjamin…

1. Cats That Feel Better Are Nicer to Their Owners

Before using our homeopathic products, Benjamin was exhibiting some serious behavioral issues. If you think about it, it’s hard to blame him. Have you ever dealt with chronic constipation? You could imagine it would put you in a bad mood. But after just two weeks on his plan, Benjamin’s constipation subsided. What a relief!

2. Excessive Hairballs Aren’t Inevitable

If you have a cat, you’ve probably seen a hairball. It happens as a result of their regular grooming. Our hairball product isn’t meant to eliminate them completely, but it can significantly reduce the number of hairballs and their severity.

3. Age Doesn’t Mean Poor Health

If you ask Benjamin, age is just a number. After a few weeks on his treatment plan, he was beginning to get back to his old self again. What about Benjamin’s sister?

Alivia, Benjamin’s sister, was in better health than Benjamin, but she was still experiencing some discomfort. So like any good pet owner, Christina decided to get to the root of her issues.

Here’s what Alivia was dealing with:

  • Joint Stiffness – Did you know that as many as 90% of cats over 12 have evidence of degenerative joint disease? Arthritis is common in older pets, and it can be heartbreaking to watch them slow down or have trouble getting up from a seated position.

  • Hairballs – Cats and hairballs seem to go hand-in-hand, but this can be a very serious problem. When the hairball creates a severe blockage in the cat’s airway, it can be scary for both the pet and the owner.

  • Difficult Stools – Alivia didn’t have quite as many stool problems as Benjamin, but she was definitely having more trouble “going” than she did when she was a younger cat.

  • Plaque – Although it wasn’t out of control, Oliva had more plaque than her owner would have liked to have seen.


Other solutions: alternative vet confirmed food allergies. No other results other than food modifications. (good way to start)


Alivia’s homeopathic plan included:

  • Arthritis Product – This fast-acting product supports and strengthens joint cartilage to help your pet’s joints function better.

  • Dental and Tartar – The dental and tartar are used to help maintain your pet’s oral health. Keeping good oral health is good to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis.

  • PiptoPet – This powerful product has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties that help against the bad cells and maintain the good ones to do what they do best. Piptopet is often used for pets with cancer, but it can be helpful for any pet experiencing a state of disease.

  • Custom Product – Product designed specifically for Alivia to help bring all of his bodily systems back into balance and restore harmony in his body. This product doesn’t treat a single ailment but rather focuses on bringing the entire body back to health.




Here’s what Christina tried…

Just like with Benjamin, Christina took Alivia to the vet in an attempt to treat her issues. She had a bit more success with Alivia at the vet because they were able to determine that she has food allergies. Christina saw some improvements when she changed Alivia’s food, but she felt she still had a long way to go.


Alivia’s results

Even though Alivia’s issues weren’t as severe as Benjamin’s, it was obvious that her body wasn’t functioning at its best. Her homeopathic plan help maintain her overall health. She saw an improvement in her joint health, her food allergies, hairball issues and even her dental health.


Final Thoughts

We like to know how we’re doing, and we’ve found the best way to do this is by asking our customers. So we asked.

When describing her shopping experience, Christina told us that she never felt pressured into buying too many products. She liked the way our approach is to rebalance the body and work from within.

Ultimately, Christina’s advice to you is that you can’t lose anything from trying, and our homeopathic products can certainly be beneficial.


Want to see all this for yourself?

If your pet is experiencing any issues that indicate an imbalance of any sort, please let us know. We’d love to help. You may contact us in three ways:

  1. Browse our website and place an order

  2. Message us on chat or send an email

  3. Give us a call (1-855-999-7609 or 716-989-0999) to discuss a natural product to address your pet’s individual needs.


Here is the Interview Transcription

Suzie: Hi Christina, thank you very much for accepting to do an interview with Zumalka today. So to start with, please tell us a little about you.

Christina:My name is Christina Priest and I work with the trial court of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, here in the U.S.A. And I have two cats, one Benjamin Priest, who is 13 years old, male kitty, and I also have Olivia, his sister, 13, both siblings.

Suzie: Oh that’s very good they sound like adorable cats.

Christina: Yes they are.

Suzie: They even have your own last names, I think that’s very cute.

Christina: Thank you

Suzie: Alright so since trivia pets were treated with Zumalka products, lets address each part individually. So lets start with Benjamin. What were your struggles with Ben before using Zumalka’s homeopathic products?

Christina: Well I thought they were in pretty good health until they were reaching their senior years. But Ben hit a bump on the road in 2014 with I.B.D, inflammatory bowel disease, and constipation was some issues he had and a little behavioral problems, which I wanted to address. So that’s pretty much it for Benjamin.

Suzie: Okay well thank you for letting us know, and did you try any other alternative solutions before using our products?

Christina: I did. I did seek out an alternative vet for the behavioral issues with no good result, for both, for Ben yes. So that’s pretty much what I did, but I also had the prescribed medication prescribed by the vet when I had to visit them for the inflammatory bowel disease diagnosis.

Suzie: And what made you choose Zumalka products?

Christina: Well, I mean I started to search online myself for non-invasive methods of treatment. And then I just stumbled across the Zumalka website all on my own. And it just lead me to you, and with the vast array of the products I thought would really help renew and support Benjamin.

Suzie: Alright, thank you very much. And when you found the website, how would you say your shopping experience was?

Christina: Exemplary. I really can’t even find, if there was a better word I’d pick it. After online messaging with the representatives at Homeo Animal, and personal phone calls back from Homeo Animal staff, it really helped me to decide on which products would be best for Benjamin.

Suzie: Exactly, that’s great. And what products exactly have you bought for Benjamin?

Christina: For Benjamin, well the custom package of coarse was the first suggestion, which worked out phenomenal and then, on my own I purchased the, with help from the staff, the vomit product, the hairball product and the hard stool product also for Benjamin.

Suzie: Very good. And what were the results of the products that you could tell us a little bit more about.

Christina: Pretty much immediate results, within the first two weeks. He had relief of his constipation. And hairball issue, and once I began his custom package, after your thorough evaluation, and with the Homeopath with him, it really helped to ease his symptoms and his personality, much improved.

Suzie: That’s very good. Thank you very much. So we’re very happy that Ben did find relief through the products. That’s very good experience that you’re sharing. Now let’s talk a little bit about Olivia, same questions. So what were your struggles with Olivia before you started using Homeo Animals products?

Christina: Yeah Olivia, the same. I didn’t really realize that they were approaching some issues until they reached their senior years now. But Olivia specifically had some stiffness in her joints, getting up and down. She also suffered from hairballs and her stools were also a little difficult. That made me seek out what Homeo Animal could offer for her as well.

Suzie: Alright. So what other, before all this was happening, did you try any other solutions on Olivia before using our products?

Christina: I did, again the alternative Vet. I both took them as a package to an alternative Vet who kind of confirmed some allergies to some food that they had and what have you, but there wasn’t really no other results, other than the modifications that I made with their food.

Suzie: That’s good. So a lot of things can be treated through foods so you did very good there. It’s a good way to start before going towards remedy so you did very well.

Christina: Thank you Suzie.

Suzie: And what products did you buy for her from Homeo Animal in the end?

Christina: Knowing that she didn’t really have any medical issues going on, I wanted to seek out the best natural products for her. So I did get the arthritis product, for Olivia. And I also got the dental problem in total product for her because she did have some dentition issues. And I also got the pepto cat initially for her. Which I ended up using obviously on both. Her and Benjamin. Pretty much, and a custom package also, I cannot leave out that because that has been excellent on her as well, really helping her allergic responses to whatever, her underlying issues may have been the product really pinpointed a lot of that.

Suzie: That’s great. So you’re saying that mostly a lot of the underlying issues were addressed with the custom package and along with the other products that you use for her?

Christina: Absolutely, without a doubt.

Suzie: That’s very good we’re so happy to see that Olivia and Ben are doing better now, that’s really good, and maybe a last question. For what reason would you recommend Zumalka products to all those who have sick animals?

Christina: Well, the first and foremost is that, what impressed me is that I was never ever pressured into buying too many products, and as explained by, to me, by the staff, that the goal is to rebalance the body and work from within, and the staff was there to assist and support me along the way, no matter what the pet condition and I would, and I do recommend, Homeo Animal to all my friends that I speak to, and their products, without question.

Suzie: That’s very good. Christina [inaudible 8:26], I’m sure will help other animal lovers who are looking for a treatment to treat their pets as well and naturally which is I think is important to a lot more people nowadays. So I’d like to thank you very much for your time. That was helpful

Christina: And I agree with you Suzie yes, and I hope people do, don’t hesitate to try to because trying you can’t lose anything from trying and it certainly is beneficial.

Suzie: Great thank you very much.

Christina: You’re welcome Suzie.

Suzie: Bye-bye

Christina: Bye-bye now have a great day.


Suzie Cyrenne
Suzie Cyrenne


Suzie Cyrenne co-founded Zumalka over five years ago, and has worked in naturopathic pet medicine for more than six. Day-to-day, she works as the lead manager for the Zumalka staff and specializes in training the team to have thorough knowledge of pet health and the company’s extensive line of naturopathic remedies.

Suzie has gained a lot of experience from years spent in the pet health field and she earned her degree in Homeopathy at the School of Classical Homeopathy in Quebec, Canada, (a partner of the European Academy of Natural Medicine (AEMN) in France).

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