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To help you understand and appreciate our products made with premium natural ingredients even more, we’ve put together the following answers to the questions we here at Zumalka get asked the most about our products.

Ingredients + Safety

Our ingredients are sourced from suppliers who meet our stringent vendor qualifications and rigorous standards, including the highest quality of purity and safety.

Also, remember that Homeopathic dilutions are very different than using the actual full ingredients. All our ingredients and products are specially made to work best in the most gentle way.

All our Homeopathic products are specially diluted in distilled water in the best potency for animals.

Our products also contain a trace amount of alcohol (20%) for conservation purposes only.

This is mostly evaporated when spraying the product and with the trace amounts your pet would get, it is almost nothing.

In some rare cases, a pet may be sensitive to alcohol which may cause some excessive salivation or some shaking of the head.

If this occurs please see the next question to proceed with ways to avoid any trace of alcohol when giving the products.

NOTE: when dosing small animals like birds, always dilute the product in fresh drinking water and not directly into the mouth.

Since our labs are in Canada, they are approved by Health Canada which is the equivalent of FDA in the states.

Every country has their own association, and if there was any issues with our approvals, the borders would not let it pass through into the USA.

Up to now we have had no issues with the states, so you can rest assured all our products are approved.

When animals get better by taking a homeopathic product, can we imagine that they “know” they are taking homeopathic product. The testimonials attest that homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine in its own right.

You can also learn more on our page "Choosing Homeopathy"

There are no known side effects to date.

However, if a pet is sensitive to Homeopathic or natural products, improvements can be seen within the first day of administration. 

If the problem or symptoms are gone and the product is continued, an aggravation of symptoms may occur. 

Ceasing to give the natural product will alleviate the symptoms. 

Some pets may salivate excessively when giving the product directly into the mouth. 

Adding the product to the water bowl or other liquid treat can prevent this.

Dosing + Administration

We find the products are easier to administer this way. Our products can easily be sprayed into your pet's mouth or water bowl. It’s fast and easy for all types of pets.

If you want to use the product without ANY alcohol, here is the method we suggest:

Spray the product into 2 cups of purified water. Then give your pet a spoonful of this water. The dose will still be the same, and there will be no more alcohol left.

Yes. Here are some other suggestions for administering products to your pet:

  • Mix your pet’s products in a small amount of water (or chicken/beef broth) and administer this mixture in your pet’s mouth using a dropper or syringe.
  • In a small bowl, mix your pet’s products in a small amount of chicken/beef broth and let him drink the mixture.

Spraying the product in your pet's drinking bowl is in fact the most efficient way of ensuring he will get the product he needs on a daily basis.

Water is the largest single constituent of nearly all living plants or animal tissues. Animal bodies may contain 50 to 95 percent water, depending on the species. (Up to 60% of the human body is water).

Therefore, when you use water as the "means of transportation" for the homeopathic product, you ensure that your pet receives the product throughout his body, and in just the right amount too. And in some cases, it is also much easier than "fighting" with your pet to spray the product directly in his mouth.

When you follow the dosage recommendations, even though your pet may not drink the whole water bowl, be assured that he is getting what he needs, even though he may be taking only a sip or two of the water.

It is somehow difficult to understand how that is possible, I know, but homeopathy works differently from allopathic medication.

But in our experience, water is the best way to administer homeopathic remedies. In fact, here at Zumalka, we deliver products in their liquid form for faster absorption and work.

Liquid is easier for the body to absorb, so the products can start working faster.

Our products contain a trace amount of alcohol (20%) for conservation purposes only, and the homeopathic ingredient (usually organically sourced) is suspended in purified water.

Yes. However, to avoid any possible interactions between the medication or natural products you are already giving, we recommend you space the timing of your doses. We recommend taking our homeopathic/naturopathic products 1-hour before or after any other medicines or natural products you are giving*.

*Probiotics & Antibiotics: Most probiotics should be given separately from antibiotics, at least 2 hours after antibiotic administration

It is important to follow the dosage indicated on the label or suggested by the homeopath. Giving more often a product can aggravate the symptoms of it. Therefore the healing time will be longer. Homeopathy does not act like other medicines.

Our kits or packages are made up of different products that can be given together and complement each other to optimise the results you can see. 

As for ‘mixing and matching’ our other single products together, there are usually no problems in most cases, however, you can always contact us any time to be sure your pet is getting the right products.


At the moment no. Our products areexclusively sold online for now.

The thing is, with Homeopathy, we feel we need to educate the customers before selling these products at large.

We are currently working on an educational system we could put into place, and this, because first and foremost we have the animal's welfare at heart.

We'd hate to have people give their pets homeopathic products unnecessarily, In fact, it would be very detrimental!

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