Rewards Program

Earn points every time you shop Zumalka!

Every time you shop Zumalka, you'll receive reward points for every product you buy. Your reward points can later be redeemed in exchange for a discount off a future purchase on the site.

How It Works


Sign up for a Zumalka account. It’s easy (and free!)


Earn points on every dollar you spend. Plus, earn bonus points just for signing up!


Exchange points for exclusive discounts and savings. Points never expire, so you can keep saving for larger discounts!

Ways To Redeem

100 = $1

Every 100 Points Equals $1 Off
Your Purchase At Check Out

Earning points is easy- you'll earn
200 points just for signing up!

Ways To Earn

Earn 1 Point Per Dollar Spent
At Checkout

Earn 50 Points When You Like Us On Facebook And Follow Us on Instagram

Earn 50 Points When You Share Zumalka on Facebook