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Dust Mites
It works!

My poor puppy had something on his nose that he was scratching at all the time. I took him to 3 vets and it was the 3rd vet who said he had mites. He gave a whole medicated approach which I hate giving to my dogs. I ordered the mites homeopathic from here and they were gone in less than a week! He had been struggling on and off for months and this stuff cleared him up. I'm all about the homeopathic way as much as I can. Now I don't need to give him a toxic pill 3 months in a row with a drug shampoo plus another drug. No thanks. I'm just glad my baby is better.

Corneal Care - Optical

Worth every penny! Healed my French bulldogs corneal scratch in 2 weeks! What eye antibiotic didn’t do in 3 weeks! This stuff is pricy but well worth it!

Anca D.
A Year Later, Our Golden Retriever's Eyesight Is Perfect!

Last year, I found out that my 11-year-old Golden Retriever has a cataract in both eyes. After one month, during which her cataract evolved, I decided to use Clear Vision in the optimal package. After one year, she got tested and her doctor said she was just fine. We are very pleased with this product and it's very easy to order online.

Bobo's tumor improvement

I'm Kelli and this is Bobo. We're treating his tumor with Zumalka products. The tumor is shrinking already and we're at our second bottle. The products are easy to order online. They're great and simple to use. You just have to squirt them in his mouth. Thank you, Zumalka. We're definitely ordering again. We love your products.

Extended my cat's life

Hi! My name is Jake and this is my review for Immunopet. I started using this about 6 or 8 months ago for my cat who got diagnosed with a tumor on his spine. He takes it every day. I just sprinkle the capsule into his food. It seems to work really well. They gave him 3 months. But it's been 6 months now.

A cat lifesaver!

Alright, this is my review for Piptopet. I started using this for my cat about 6 months ago because he was diagnosed with having a tumor on his spine. I've just sprayed it on his food, morning and evening. He seems to be okay with it. It's certainly extended his life, so we're really happy.

Jennifer K.
Haven't tried the product...but read a review and response!

I was considering trying some of the products but wasn't 100 percent sure if this company was legit or exactly whether the products were legit or would be good or what have you. After reading one of the reviews where someone had written a not-so-good review, it wasn't a bad review but the response was eye-opening to me. The person who posted the message mentioned at the bottom that they will probably delete her review because of what she wrote and the person who responded said No, we will not delete it as we want to be very transparent and everything that the person mentioned was a bit of an issue, there was a positive response to! Just wanted to notate that I highly respect this company in just the one review I saw and the response! I'm more inclined to try the product and will give a positive or negative review once I do!

Get Up N Go
Anca D.

It isn't enough for my 12 years old girl anymore, but we'll keep on giving it to her.

late delivery

never used product. Delivery took over 2 weeks to receive here in Hawaii. Our dog did not need product by the time we received products. Returned and still waiting refund.

I'm sorry to hear about the challenges you faced with the delivery and timing of the product. It sounds like the experience didn't go as smoothly as you had hoped, and I understand how frustrating that can be. I hope that your return and refund process can be resolved swiftly as we await the arrival of your return.

Piptopet - Advanced
Marianne Z.
No opinion

I can't leave a bad review although I felt that the pipto pet advanced kit did not work for my dog. I believe it's possible for cancer to be too far gone. So I don't know if it worked or not. My dog had another Bloom of mast cell cancer tumors and unfortunately I had to put her down. Maybe this works if you catch it soon enough. I do know she absolutely didn't like the spray into the side of her mouth but she wasn't drinking enough water for me to put it in the water to make a difference. I spent thousands on my dog this summer and I will just chalk it up to doing the best that I could and moving forward knowing what I wouldn't do again.

Extremely effective

I have used this product and the Gum product on my dog, who has gingivitis and probably needs serious dental care. Although some teeth need to be pulled, many others have turned white again and his gums are much less inflamed.

Robyn L.


joint and hip support

I wasn't able to see any benefit in the 4 weeks I was able to use it before our
our feline girl jennifer passed away. it may have been to short of a time for the
remedy to work, or her hip issue to severe.

Hi Tom,

Again, we are truly sorry to hear about the passing of Jennifer. It's possible that the four-week period during which you tried the remedy wasn't long enough to see any benefits. Sometimes, certain treatments require more time to take effect, and it's understandable that you wish you had more time with your sweet girl. We are with you in these difficult times.

Tumor in tummy

She's happy
Tumor is still growing albeit slowly, lower left next to stomach, in front of hind leg. She runs jumps plays.
Now, my discount is due to expire, and I haven't opened latest shipment yet. How bout a coupon lasting months?
Thank you
Brian Hill

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your kind review! We are happy to offer generous discounts after each order. As you mentioned, your current discount is due to expire soon. We understand that timely access to the products your pet needs is crucial, and we want to ensure a seamless experience for you. When you're ready to place your next order, please know that our customer support team is here to assist you in any way possible. We're just a message or call away.

Unfortunate outcome

I've been using this product twice a day, religiously for almost two months now. Unfortunately I have not seen any improvement in my dogs mobility.

Hi Greg,

Thank you for sharing your update. We have reached out to you by email to see how best we can help you to find the help your dog needs


It'a good remedy, but the hot weather and AC at home doesn't help my golden retriever's joints pain ... We wait for colder weather to see how it works

Kathy V.K.
Think it helped

My sweet cat was diagnosed with anemia, kidney disease, and either cancer or IBS. I got this for the anemia. I had his blood recheck done before he passed from kidney disease, and these blood cell count numbers did stabilize. So he might've made it using this if he wasn't hit with the other stuff too.

Kidney Support
Kathy V.K.
Maybe too late

This did not help my cat. It could be that we got this too late, but he was only on this 2 weeks or so and succumbed to kidney disease.
I will try this right away if any of my other cats are diagnosed with this awful disease.,

Eye pressure

It does not help On Jimy eye sproblem

Hi Sayed,

Thank you for letting us know. We had sent you an email to be able to zero in on the best next steps for your pet. Once we receive a response, we will be happy to help you better!

Anca D.
Good remedy

It works good on my girl Maya, helps her through the hot days of summer!

Jeanne K.

I haven’t used them yet

Thanks for your help over the last 2 years

.I had to put our little girl down a week and a half ago. Thanks for your help over the last 2 years. I'm sure it gave me longer with her and for her to enjoy the sun a little longer.
Again thanks.

Zann M.
Thanks for your help over the last 2 years

I had to put our little girl down a week and a half ago. Thanks for your help over the last 2 years. I'm sure it gave me longer with her and for her to enjoy the sun a little longer.
Again thanks.

stacy l.
Sili-mer for arthritis

Seems to be a fairly good option instead of Rimadyl

stacy l.

We’ve been giving this product to our girl Ziggy ever since her sarcoma ruptured last August - by December it was completely gone and has not returned!