About Zumalka

Besides having more than a decade’s worth of homeopathic knowledge and experience, all of us here at Zumalka are also devoted animal lovers. This is why we take your pet’s health and wellness seriously.

Our Mission

We give pet parents hope for their beloved pet’s health and well-being through our natural alternatives. Using only quality, science-backed ingredients, we aim to provide products that are not just designed to support your pet during illness, but also help give the utmost care, happiness, and comfort he or she truly deserves.

The Zumalka Story

Tracing back to its roots more than a decade ago, Zumalka was established to provide pet parents and animal lovers worldwide a go-to place to not just acquire high-quality natural products in keeping their wards happy and healthy, but also an online refuge where they can feel nurtured and genuinely cared for.

Composed of a team of homeopaths and holistic medicine practitioners, Zumalka is always committed to sharing and demonstrating the soothing and uplifting wonders of natural support alternatives gathered straight from nature’s medicine cabinet. 

Moreover, our natural alternatives are only made with premium ingredients each and every time to ensure their efficacy. This is because we pride ourselves in putting together products that are able to satisfy our one rigorous standard—that it should be good enough for our ownpets.

Meet Our Team


Co-Founder & Homeopath

We're introducing Suzie first because she is truly the heart and soul of our company.

Her personality embodies everything we strive for at Zumalka. From the moment you meet her, you'll realize that she is kind, caring, warm and genuine. She loves animals as much as she loves people – and that's saying a lot!

Expect to hear from Suzie after your order is placed. She just loves meeting our new customers!

More about Suzie here


Homeopath - Alternative Medicine Therapist

Imagine having a best friend who also happens to be an expert in pet naturopathy, homeopathy and Chinese medicine. Someone who can whip up a custom natural and homeopathic recipe for your pet.

Well, Denyse is that friend. Her passion for natural products is only exceeded by her love of animals. And when those two things come together to create a natural and homeopathic product, you can be sure it will be the best!

More about Denyse here



Dominika possesses two key strengths that we find very valuable: she has a genuine love for animals, no matter how big or small they are, and a passion to help people with the benefits of homeopathy.

She studied classical homeopathy and discovered its ability to help stimulate the body’s own healing capacity, as well as giving it that extra boost to self-heal. As a certified homeopath, Dominika’s goal is to work with you and your pet to find the right products for the healing process while also promoting self awareness, compassion and care.


Ever since she can remember, animals have held a special place in her heart.

From the joyful wag of a dog’s tail to the gentle purr of a contented cat, their well-being means everything to her.

Through her journeys, she’s witnessed firsthand the incredible impact that natural approaches can have on our beloved companions’ health and vitality. From promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety to supporting immune function and enhancing overall well-being, the possibilities are endless!

That is why Suzanne is thrilled to join the Zumalka family’s Operations team, where she can seamlessly integrate her love for animals and natural solutions all-in-one.

So, if you’re curious about natural pet care tips, product recommendations, or simply want to connect with a fellow pet enthusiast, she is here for you! She is ready to embark on this journey together with you and give your furry friends the happy, healthy lives they deserve.


Jennifer’s adventures have taken her across the globe, yet her passion for humanitarian work has consistently propelled her journeys.

These experiences have not only shaped her life and character but also fostered a deeper sense of empathy and understanding towards the needs of others.

Introduced to homeopathy at a young age, Jennifer firmly believes in its ability to promote wellness and vitality.

Now as a mother to three children, Jennifer not only draws inspiration from her own positive encounters with homeopathic remedies but also finds great joy in passing on these benefits to her family and others.

She is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge of homeopathy, ensuring that its healing potential reaches those who need it most.

Upon learning about Zumalka and its application of homeopathy in aiding animals, Jennifer felt a natural inclination to join the team.

Having been a valuable member of the team for almost a decade, she eagerly offers her assistance and expertise to those in need. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her – she’s always ready to help!


Co-Founder of Zumalka.

And if Suzie is the heart, Matt is the pulse of the company. He is in charge of many of the “moving parts” that keep this business running, including the website and marketing.

He is more of a behind-the-scenes guy, but we all take comfort in knowing that he is there – keeping things running smoothly and helping to introduce us to new customers like you!