Denyse Lessard - Alternative Medecine Therapist at Zumalka

Majority of Zumalka’s products are the brainchild of Denyse Lessard. She has expertly formulated (and still continues to improve) them by combining the principles of Chinese medicine with the foundations of  homeopathy and naturopathy.

Besides having a degree in Chinese medicine from CEDRE (Study, Development, and Research Collective in  Ethnomedicine) in France,  Denyse has extensively trained in reflexology under the renowned Quebec author,  Madeleine Turgeon. She also has diplomas in naturopathy and iridology from the College of Alternative Therapies in Quebec, as well as in homeopathy from the Classical Homeopathy School in Quebec, under her  belt.

After honing her expertise in human treatment for over two decades, the inspiration for Zumalka came when Denyse explored the possibility of designing homeopathic products for pets with specific health issues. Applying the principles and techniques she’s learned and improved all these years, Zumalka was soon born. 

Denyse believes that keeping pets as healthy and happy as can be is not just about being able to immediately deal with illness and disease. Instead, it’s more on boosting their immune system and strengths to keep wellness problems in check. “This is where homeopathic products and naturopathy have a lot to offer,” she stresses.

Apart from sharing her know-how when it comes to natural healing practices, Denyse also spends her free time  volunteering, reading, sewing, and watching movies. However, this mother of three, grandmother of six, and now great-grandmother reveals her most favorite activity of all: bonding with her family. 

“I just can’t imagine missing out on these moments because I happen to have the most beautiful grandchildren in the world,” Denyse reflects. “And a true grandmother has her biases, too, you know,” she adds with a smile.

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