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  • Take charge of your pet's health with our ONLINE HOMEOPATHIC CONSULTATION.

    The Online Homeopathic Consultation is a one-on-one with our certified homeopath which is specific to your pet and helps get to the root of his problem instead of just treating the symptoms.

    This Consultation works well for all types of conditions — especially for pets dealing with multiple, chronic or behavioral issues!

    Book your one-on-one with our Homeopath Sarah for your pet’s health today!!  Sarah is a certified Homeopath, specializing in working with animals of all kinds:

  • "My love for animals started as a young child, and I knew one day my career would include this somehow. I am a homesteader and have horses, dogs, cats, pigs, a bunny and many chickens and ducks. All who have successfully been treated with Homeopathy. I love working with animals and I’m happy to bring my experience and passion to Zumalka." -Sarah

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More Information

Have you tried all conventional treatments possible with little to no convincing results? Have the treatment options you have been offered so far left you feeling baffled? Let us help you avoid the headache of trial and error! Our Online Homeopathic Consultation provides a personalized solution for your pet's health concerns. Each consultation targets the root of your pet's problem, instead of just the symptoms. And all of this done in the comfort of your own home!

No missing notes. No forgotten advice. No second-guessing.

Our consultations are 100% online via email and video call. It's a real conversation with a real Homeopath about your pet — without all the hassle and miscommunication.

Online Homeopathic Consultations are particularly effective in cases of chronic or behavioral disorders. Many ailments are therefore much better treated after an in-depth analysis and personalized evaluation with our homeopath.

Why Choose an Online Consultation?
An Online Homeopathic Consultation will work well for you if:

- You have tried just about every conventional treatment recommended by your veterinarian (or not) with little or no results.
- You have used homeopathic remedies and may or may not have seen some temporary results (there may be an underlying cause that needs to be addressed).
- You still do not have a diagnosis from the veterinarian after several visits.
- Your pet has cancer.

How Does it Work?
1. Complete your order for an Online Homeopathic Consultation

2. We'll send you an email a couple of minutes after your order processes. Inside there's a link to a form. Fill out the form and remember, the more detail, the better!

3. When you're done, submit the form. We will then send you an email back with a link so you can select a time slot to have a live video chat with our Homeopath about your pet’s case. This allows her to get any additional details needed and even see your pet if possible.

4. Around 24 business hours after your video consultation, we will send you an email. This message will include an analysis, recommendations, and explanations. Each one is specific to your pet's health and recommended single-ingredient remedy.

Each single-ingredient remedy contains THE SINGLE homeopathic ingredient your pet needs. This means you get to skip over hundreds of ingredients your pet doesn't need. Plus, single-ingredient remedies have the most impact on your pet's health because it's the best fit. And it targets the root of your pet's problem.

Please allow around 24 business hours to receive your email recommendation after your video call with the Homeopath. This gives us time to analyze your pet’s case in depth and send you your pet’s results.