Suzie Cyrenne - Certified Homeopath & Co-founder of Zumalka

Suzie Cyrenne - Certified Homeopath & Co-founder of Zumalka

Suzie Cyrenne has been involved in the health sector for more than two decades and spent over ten years advocating for ideal animal wellness through natural means. 

Joined by her husband, Matt Lessard, Suzie’s sincere passion for keeping animals healthy and happy led to the creation of Zumalka in 2013, which is primarily aimed at making natural and homeopathic (not to mention effective) options for pet wellness easily available in the global setting.

Suzie began her journey as a pivotal figure in pet health advocacy when she learned the foundations of natural healing from the Classical Homeopathy School in Quebec. Using the expertise she has gained over the years, Suzie gathered the best practices in homeopathy and applied them to animal wellness—which eventually resulted in the creation of natural products that have since become mainstays in home pet care checklists worldwide.

Besides lending her expertise and devotion to pet health through Zumalka, Suzie also shares her know-how as regards animal wellness on YouTube with Zumalka by Homeoanimal - Helping Pets Naturally, which has already gathered quite a following of pet parents all over the globe. 

Alongside Matt and Westin, her Golden-Doodle, Suzie also engages in reading, traveling, and lots of outdoor activities like daily hikes and snowboarding.

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