10 Tips to Keep Your Cat Mentally & Physically Healthy 2023

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If you're anything like most pet owners, chances are you already know that it takes a lot of effort and commitment to keep your cat healthy. Maintaining your cat's health in tiptop shape is a lot of responsibility and not making it your priority can result in unexpected wellness issues for your pet sooner or later. 

I believe that this is one of the biggest reasons why there are a lot of stray cats living in many cities and urban areas around the world. It can be presumed that a great deal of cat owners has probably abandoned or neglected their pets because they were overwhelmed with the responsibilities of taking care of these animals.


A Quick Reminder for Pet Owners

girl kissing her cat

Regardless of the type of pets involved, be it dogs, cats or other animals, not putting their health as the top concern can eventually lead to health issues, with some of them even potentially life-threatening in nature.

It is crucial to remember that people who abandon their pet cats or dogs are not worthy of them. All kinds of pets deserve love and care. And it's our job as pet parents to protect them from health problems like skin infections, kidney disease, malnutrition and parasitic infestations, just to name a few.

We are also in charge of immediately giving our pet cats the right treatment when symptoms of illness get in the picture! It's even our responsibility to keep them clear from direct contact with wild animals—not to mention infected cats and dogs—that may be harboring disease and other forms of sickness.


The Biggest Reason Why Being a Dog or Cat Owner is a Very Big Commitment

cat lying on the ground

If we're being honest, a common problem among lots and lots of people the world over is getting a cat or dog (and other pets) and then giving up on them as soon as signs of a health problem arise.

Not only does a cat, dog or other pets become prone to various health issues like breathing problems, weakness of the back legs, unexplained weight loss, urinary tract disorder, hair loss eye problems as well as serious malnutrition due to not eating the right pet food.

Additionally, domestic animals like a dog or cat may also be at risk of severe infections commonly spread by an infected flea or some other parasites. They can even be exposed to life-threatening diseases if left untreated!

This is why you need to reach out to your veterinarian immediately as soon as you notice symptoms of even the most common type of pet illnesses. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommends that pets should be regularly checked as soon as symptoms of a health issue emerge.

For us pet parents, these are just some of the responsibilities we need to keep in mind so that we can give our cats and dogs the quality of life they truly deserve. It's even recommended to take out pet insurance for your pet if you have the means.

What's really sad is that some people tend to immediately turn their backs on their pets as soon as they notice signs and symptoms of disease or sickness! It's our job to provide the right treatment to keep our cats mentally and physically healthy.

However, it is also crucial to have a know-how of home remedies to immediately take care of symptoms of disease and illness affecting your cat. Having our HOME ESSENTIALS KIT in your pet care checklist is one thing that you should consider.


Advocating for Pet Adoption as a Way to Uphold Cat Health

girl playing with her cat

This is the reason why we advocate pet adoption. Sometimes, it’s better to adopt than to get a new cat (not to mention a dog or other animals) since you are helping take one stray pet away from the streets.

Opting for adoption won't just help get rid of stray cats and dogs one by one, but also prevent infected animals from spreading disease and similar health problems. These include exposure to roundworm eggs and ringworm infections, which can be a common problem among outdoor cats or pets that are given a lot of time outdoors.

Just to emphasize, adoption truly saves lives in more ways than one. Should you decide to adopt a new cat or dog or some other pet, keeping them sheltered in a cozy and quiet place is one thing. Keeping pet mentally and physically healthy and happy is a different story.

Are you still up for the challenge? If the answer is yes, make sure you read on because I will now walk you through 10 simple and practical tips to really give your cat the quality of life you've always wanted.


1. Think of Yourself as a Parent (and a Loving One, Too!)

man sitting with his pets

Did you know that kittens that are taken away from their mothers before 16 weeks are more likely to develop behavioral problems later in life? In the wild, cats typically will be on their own by the time they turn 4 months. Heightened reflexes and faster reaction times are just some of the signs that a cat is ready to be separated from a queen or dam.

Apart from being primarily nourished by their mother's milk, young cats also need to feel the company of their respective queens to prepare them to live on their own. Letting the kitten grow up with their mother before taking them away will reduce the chance of them developing any behavioral problems sooner or later.

Once you do take a cat as a pet, you should consider yourself as its new parent. You should always be there for them especially when they need your care. A cat's lifestyle and overall wellness—this is also applicable to other pets like dogs—significantly rely on how well you play the part.

Always remember to treat cats with love, care and respect and you'll be rewarded with daily gestures of gratitude from your pet. Some common signs of affection from your pet include following you around, rubbing against your leg, "bunting" or head-butting as well as vocalizing when he sees you.


2. Spay/Neuter Your Cat

a person and a cat making a heart

Cat overpopulation is quickly becoming a problem in many cities. Anywhere you go, you can see stray cats and their numbers only seem to increase overtime. What you can do to help control the feline population is by spaying or neutering your cat.

This will make them unable to reproduce, thus decreasing the potential number of stray cats later on. A cat may easily sire or give birth to a lot of kittens if it is already more than a year old. Furthermore, a tomcat will tend to display signs of restlessness and aggression when he's looking for a mate.



Did you know that spaying and neutering makes healthy cats even more resilient?

Another benefit of spaying your cat is it helps reduce the risk of acquiring a potentially fatal cat disease such as feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) or feline leukemia virus (FLV). Ideally, spaying should be done at a young age—at around 8 weeks—just before they reach the age of sexual maturity.

What's really alarming is that the symptoms of FIV may not be noticeable for months and even years. And just to make things ever more complicated, there is still no treatment for this viral disease that progressively disrupts and breaks up a cat's overall immune response in the long-term.

Interestingly, spayed and neutered cats are also much more protected against the risk of being afflicted with a urinary tract problem or UTI. Common symptoms that your furry friend may be afflicted with UTI include straining when urinating, as well as having pee that smells more pronounced than usual. It may even have blood, too. This health issue is more prevalent among cat populations whose reproductive organs are still intact.


Added benefits for male cats.

Neutering your male cat helps him take control of his emotions in a much more positive way. Your furry friend won't be as inclined to spray his urine as a way to mark his territory or stir up fights with other male cats just to get a dam's or queen's attention. It's not uncommon for a tomcat to be prone to wounds, nicks and bites when he's experiencing a hormonal overload during mating season!

One of the biggest dangers that an aggressive male can encounter is getting in contact with a rabies-infected cat or similar infected animal, which is just impossible to treat. What's really scary is that a male cat may even act normal—seemingly without any signs of the disease—for a very long time despite being infected with rabies.


Added benefits for female cats.

Besides the very obvious reason of preventing unwanted litters, spaying female cats also completely does away with their heat cycles. These cycles will encourage your pet to roam and look for potential mates. This puts her at risk of being in contact with a sick cat or other infected animals that may be carrying diseases or parasites like ticks, worms and fleas.

A female cat could also be highly vulnerable to feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) if she develops the habit of roaming whenever she's in heat. If you're living in the city or any highly-urbanized area, the likelihood that your pet will encounter strays that may be infected with FIV is quite high.  


3. Regular Veterinary Care is a Must (Not Just for a Sick Cat)

veterinarian checking the cat

Checking in with a veterinarian on a regular basis is needed to ensure that cats are disease-free. Veterinary visits are usually done to do vaccination, deworming (recommended 4 times a year) and regular screening for any parasites such as fleas, ticks or lice. As pet parents, it's our responsibility to have these visits to keep our cats as happy and healthy as can be.


Get in touch with your vet even during the early stages of disease or illness.

Reaching out to your vet is also crucial when you observe signs of health issues like breathing problems, sudden weight loss, eye problems, abrupt loss of appetite or change in eating habits, as well as other symptoms that you may notice here and there. If you notice any abrupt changes, don't hesitate to get in touch with your vet straight away!

It is important to remember that you should be very vigilant in spotting signs of sickness and disease in cats. There is no such thing as a "cure all" for cats! Treatment depends on the symptoms and a cat may exhibit various indications of illness. This also holds true for our premium homeopathic products.

For certain breeds of cats, special screening may also be advised depending on the pedigree. There are many cat breeds that require regular checkup and vaccination more than your regular feline friend. Make sure you do your research before getting a cat of a particular breed so you will have an idea of the possible health problems that you may encounter.

It can be said that owning a certain cat breed is more expensive than owning a regular cat. This is because these cats tend to be more prone to metabolic diseases compared to their non-purebred counterparts. Moreover, they can also have different eating habits and pet food preferences, not to mention treatment requirements when it comes to disease.

Regardless of breed, though, regular checkup with the vet is needed to maintain the proper health of cats. Your veterinarian can also immediately administer treatment for illness such as cat oral medication. However, it is also smart to have a reliable checklist of home remedies for emergencies and minor health issues that you can take care of.


4. Allow Your Cat to Hunt Every Now and Then

cats running

Sure your pet may not look like it, but cats are natural predators in the wild. They are naturally hard-wired to have the need to hunt or stalk their prey. Common examples of this attribute include swatting with their paws and breaking into a run when something catches their eye. Your cat may even display this behavior when you have a play session!

Allowing cats to "play hunt" lets them live out their natural instinct. This will keep them healthy both mentally and physically. You can even encourage your cat to show off his hunting and stalking skills using pet food. The simplest way to do this is by tying a piece of your pet's favorite treat on a piece of string, dangle it in mid-air and see him get in action.

And while we're on the subject, I'd just like to point out that regular bouts of boredom can lead to behavioral problems and weight issues in cats in the long run. As a cat parent, make it a habit to introduce new activities to your pet to make him more physically and mentally active. Always remember that a happy cat is a healthy cat.

As I said earlier, there are ways that you can encourage your cat to hunt. However, make sure not to overdo the whole thing because it will encourage your cat to take things to a whole new level before you know it! You do not want your cat to bring dead animals to your doorstep every time he goes out.

To avoid this, introduce other fun activities such as fetching, catch and even box hopping from time to time. Cats are simple-minded pets that only need little yet regular stimuli to keep them in top mental condition. You can even mix up the activities every week to keep your cat looking forward to what he is in for.


5. Keep a Close Eye on Your Cat

person petting the cat

Although it is not possible to keep a close eye on your cat at all times, it would greatly help if you are always on the lookout as regards what your pet is up to when you are together or when you're in a shared space. You can even think of this as "chaperoning" your pet.

It is also important to keep a close eye on the mood of your cat since it can tell a lot about his mental condition. Cats, unlike humans, don’t need complex analysis before you can tell what’s wrong. If your cat looks tired and weak, you can safely assume that he's feeling exhausted and needs a bit of downtime—it’s pretty simple, really.

Making it a habit to keep a close eye on your cat can help you easily notice signs and symptoms of disease, too. Apart from sudden weight loss, sick or infected cats usually display other tell-tale signs. Some pet parents tend to ignore these thinking that they will resolve by themselves. You never know if these are already signs or symptoms of a life-threatening disease!

Additionally, it is also essential to keep track of your cat’s favorite place. Every cat has a "special corner" or nook that he loves to go to when he feels like it. Relaxing in or near the window sill is the most common form of "hanging out" among indoor cats.

When you already have an idea of the favorite place your pet is, you will now know the first place to look when he goes missing. Other areas favored by cats would be high spaces where they can freely observe their surroundings. This also makes for a great spot to see other cats (not to mention other animals and pets) in the neighborhood.


6. Set Up Food Trays, Water Bowls and Litter Boxes in Proper Places

Delicious food in a bowl

The maxim "a place for everything and everything in its place" basically means that the first step to being organized is knowing which goes where. This is also applicable when taking care of cats (or other pet animals). Knowing the rightful places where to put pet food trays, water bowls as well litter bins can help you keep your cat physically and mentally healthy.


Serving pet food the right way.

For pet food trays, you want to put them in the kitchen where food is easily accessible and food storage is also appropriate. And while this may sound simplistic, always remember to feed your cat the right pet food.

I also suggest keeping a close eye on the amount of food you're serving to your cat every meal. While it's ideal to have his fill of nourishment, not regulating his intake can lead to unwanted weight gain and obesity! Your pet could also be at risk of hypertension, diabetes and kidney disease.

As an additional note, many trainers do not recommend placing the food tray near the dining table because it psyches cats to ask for food every time they eat. Though it may seem cute at first, cats begging for food at the dining table becomes tiring after a while. You may even catch your pet trying to climb the table or your chair just to snatch a few bites.

Therefore, it is a good idea to set aside their food tray a bit far from the dining table. In case you have several cats in your household, setting up different food trays for each of your pets (with the right amount of food, of course) is also highly recommended to avoid sudden cat fights.


Here's the ideal location for a cat litter box.

As for the litter box, it should be placed in the part of your home which allows it to be disposed of quickly. Put your litter box in a secluded but easy to find space. Cats are very particular about privacy when they do their business.

Also, make sure that the litter box is not placed near appliances or closed spaces because it can leave a bad smell. If your house has several floors, you need to place the litter boxes of cats on each floor. It's also recommended to have the same type of litter bins since cats are sticklers for routine.

Having several litter boxes is also recommended if you own more than two cats. An infected cat can easily spread disease or some other health problem if he shares a litter bin with another cat. Parasites and bacteria such as salmonella, giardia and campylobacter can be unknowingly transmitted by an infected animal through fecal matter and urine.

Here's another important reminder. Don't forget to wear gloves when cleaning a litter box or disposing of your cat's waste to prevent infection while you're at it. Getting in direct contact with the urine and stools of an infected animal can potentially make you prone to illness before you know it!


A quick water tip for cats.

Just like pet food, water bowls need to be refilled with fresh and clean water every day. It's not enough to just top them up once in a while. And your pet won't drink the stuff if he thinks it's dirty or stale—well, you know how particular cats are.

Just to reiterate, cats need a lot of water to stay healthy or they will be vulnerable to dehydration. The most common signs and symptoms of dehydration include sunken eyes, panting, a dry nose, less urination frequency, sticky gums and sudden rigidity of the skin.


7. Have a Scratching Post Near Their Favorite Route In and Around the House

cat scratching the rope

Cats need to groom their nails on their own. You can think of this as a special treat for cats like having a manicure or pedicure session! They usually do this by scratching them to walls and other hard surfaces.

Scratching can cause a lot of damage before you know it.

One of the biggest signs that cats already need a scratching post is that your walls and pieces of furniture will have scratch marks! To safeguard your walls and furnishings from the damage these scratches might cause, make sure you place a scratching mat or post near your pet's sleeping area or walking route.

You can even install several of these scratching mats or posts in several spots in your home to make sure that your cat finds them. It is better to install several of these than to always change the wallpapers on your walls or buy a new couch.

If you have several cats in your household, make sure each of them has a scratching post to use any time he wants. I also recommend having scratching mats and posts of various sizes and heights. This way, your cat won't be bored and eventually transfer to a different scratching area...like your sofa.


8. Know Your Cat’s Personality

person shedding the cat

What really interesting about cats is that they have different personalities. This unique personality becomes more and more evident when you study their behavior patterns. You have to understand your own cat and make sure that you two are connected in an emotional level.

This is called a "pet-parent relationship." It is a connection that makes you understand each other without even communicating. If you've been a pet owner for a long time, chances are you already know about this. You can think of the whole thing as a sort of connection that is built upon hours and hours of constant bonding.

Over time, you can already have a mental picture of what foods your cat likes or the activities he wants to engage in. You can even guess when your pet wants to have a cuddling session after a while! That's how powerful this pet-parent relationship is.

You need to consider that cats need alone time much like us. We tend to experience the same emotions but display them in a different manner. If you think that your cat wants to be alone, let it be. Your cat will surely come back when it's feeling better. If your cat is gone longer than usual, it is surely a sign that something is wrong or one of the symptoms of illness that needs immediate treatment.


9. Socialize Your Cat

cat and dog playing together

Cats need to have social interaction with other cats. Although companionship with humans is not to be taken lightly, socially interacting with other cats is still essential to keep your pet physically and mentally healthy and happy.

Just be careful not to overdo these feline social interactions because if done frequently, there is a high tendency that your cat will be dependent on other cats. Once this happens, your cat’s mood will be influenced greatly by other cats, which can be really troublesome.

Try to find the right balance to make your cat happy. It's also crucial to take note that there is the possibility that cats won't enjoy the company of other cats instantly. Some cats need to be eased into establishing a relationship with other cats.

Moreover, I recommend that social interaction with other cats about once a week is sufficient enough to keep your pet socially satisfied. It's not too frequent to make your cat dependent on other cats, but not too seldom that your pet will already experience signs and symptoms of social withdrawal.


10. Pet Owners, Do Not Punish Your Cats When They Do Something Wrong

fat cat sitting

All cats have weird behavior that can sometimes cause frustration among pet parents. It is important to find out why your cat does certain things that you find strange. When you find the cause of the problem, address the problem with your cats wisely and appropriately.

It is important to make the right move when disciplining cats. However, "punishing" and "disciplining" a cat are two very different things. Punishing cats will often have a negative effect as it can make them feel insecure and fearful. On the other hand, disciplining a cat helps him understand that what he did was wrong.

What I recommend is to do a bit of investigating on your cat to find the real cause of its negative behavior. Do not ever punish your cat without knowing the real cause! This can just worsen the situation and can often lead to cat trauma and anxiety. When you observe signs that your cat is acting significantly differently, the smartest option to go for is to seek help from an animal behavior expert.

Most of these tips are simple and easy to apply. However, many pet owners fail to use these practical bits and pieces to keep their pets healthy. Owning a pet isn’t just about taking care of them physically. Keeping your pet healthy means keeping their mental, social and physical health in control when you can.

As I emphasized earlier, owning a pet is a big responsibility. Therefore, deciding whether to get a pet or not must be taken very seriously. Never buy or adopt a pet on impulse alone. Think about it carefully because every life is precious. You should do whatever you can to assure that your pet will get the quality of life he really deserves.


A Premium Natural Product That Will Help Maintain Your Cat's Health


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Final Word to Cat Owners

Reaching out to a pet homeopathy professional is a must if you're looking to really give your cat the best quality of life through natural means. Besides giving you the best options to keep your cat resilient against disease and illness, our pet homeopathy experts will also guide you on how to maximize your pet's own natural immune response to stay as happy and healthy as can be.

Make sure you CONTACT US right now so we can immediately walk you through ways on how to take charge of your pet's overall health and happiness. It's high time you gave your pet the quality of life you've always wanted.


About the author

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Suzie Cyrenne


Suzie Cyrenne has dedicated more than 20 years of her life in making and improving natural animal health solutions in the global setting.

Being the co-founder of Zumalka, Suzie is a forerunner in enhancing the lives of pets through natural and homeopathic options using the knowledge she has gained from the Classical Homeopathy School in Quebec.

Through the guidance of her mother-in-law and fellow natural health expert, Denyse Lessard, Suzie constantly devotes herself to create premium pet products that are aimed at dealing with the root causes of wellness problems and not just their symptoms.

Besides immersing herself in books, personal development and visiting new places, Suzie also enjoys keeping herself in tiptop shape by snowboarding and taking daily hikes with her husband and Zumalka co-founder, Matt Lessard, and their Golden-Doodle, Westin.

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