Loose Stools - Advanced

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  • The products in this popular kit work together so that your pet can have more complete support for digestion and intestinal health over the long term.

    - Promotes healthy intestines
    - Supports digestion
    - Balances hydration levels

    Advanced Homeopathic and Natural Kit for Animals to Promote intestinal Health
    This kit consists of our LOOSE STOOLS, PROBIOPET, TONICPET #4 and TONICPET #9 products.

    *Do not administer at the same time as our HAPPY GUT remedy or kits since the formulas are comparable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anne C.
Now, her bowels are perfect!

We started her on your products because she lost half her weight, her intestines were inflamed, her body wasn’t processing B12 so she was getting long shots from the vet, she has been on steroids, her bowels were runny. Now, her bowels are perfect, she’s gaining weight and eating well. She looks almost 100% better. She still needs to gain more but is back to herself. Your products saved Angels life. Her mood and energy is back to what it used to be. She’s eating/ drinking fine. She is eating a lot because she’s on steroids.

Sundari P.
We did not have luck

Unfortunately this did not stop our German Shepherd's diarrhea.

Dear Sundari,
We are so sorry to hear that you did not get the desired results with our kit for your dog! We have sent you an email to help see where the problem lies and to help you see the best possible results we know our remedies can have for your beloved pet. We hope to hear back from you soon.

Brigitte P.
She has been saved!

I'm so happy to have found your homepathic remedies for my little Yorkie who is now happy and healthy. A year and a half ago she had 15 days to 2 months left to live and now thanks to your remedies she has really been saved!

More Information

What is the 'Advanced Homeopathic and Natural Kit to Promote intestinal Health'?
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better! Developed to promote more complete support for intestinal and digestive tissues, this kit of four EXCELLENT remedies is specially crafted to help your pet in the following ways:

- The LOOSE STOOLS natural product is a homeopathic blend that helps promote healthy intestines. It also helps support good digestion and proper stool consistency.
- The PROBIOPET natural product, exceptional for support the immune system and rebalancing the intestines to the maximum, contains 8 strains of probiotics that will help remove toxins and maintain a healthy intestinal flora.
- The TONICPET #4 natural product is a homeopathic fortifier that supports the circulation of oxygen in all parts of the body. It also promotes comfort.
- The TONICPET #9 natural product is a homeopathic fortifier that balances the hydration of the body.

Who is this kit suitable for?
- Animals needing more support for intestinal health.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.

Diarrhea is characterized by an increase in the frequency of loose stools. This is a common problem in dogs and cats of all breeds and ages.

What are the symptoms of DIARRHEA?
- Frequent, soft or liquid stools;
- Blood or mucus in the stools;
- Flatulence;
- Loss of appetite;
- Dehydration;
- Increased thirst (due to loss of fluids);
- Lethargy;
- Weight loss.

What are the possible causes of DIARRHEA?
- Change of diet;
- Food intolerance or allergy;
- Poisoning;
- Ingestion of objects or bones;
- Bacterial or viral infection;
- Internal parasites;
- Inflammatory bowel disease;
- Kidney or liver disease;
- Cancer or tumor;
- Intolerance to a medicine;
- Stress;
- Colitis (inflammation of the colon).