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  • Is your pet suffering from red, swollen and/or bleeding gums? GUMHAPPY can help! It is a natural remedy meant for the betterment of your pet’s gum health. Best of all, it’s great for both cats and dogs.

    This homeopathic product works to target swollen and bleeding gums. It promotes healthy pink and firm gums for your pet!

    - Promotes healthy gums and better overall oral health
    - A gentle holistic approach
    - No chemicals
    - High-quality ingredients

Customer Reviews

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Alcohol in it

The reason I purchased gingivitis tincture because of its ingredients. So, after receiving the product I discovered that it has alcohol in it. It's illegal selling any kind of products online without disclosing complete ingredients. I went ahead and contacted which is changed to my surprise to Zumaka. Right now, the page is completely changed and looks like they changed the labels of the products and added alcohol into ingredients list. They might even delete my review to hide the truth from people.

Hi Inga, not to worry. We post ALL reviews and make sure our fellow pet-parents have a voice on our site! :) As we have mentioned to you by email several times, our products are very safe for pets even if they have trace amounts of alcohol for preservation purposes only (that evaporates when added to water). This is disclosed on our website. We have nothing to hide. We are very proud of our new website and sure you will be happy to see that we have updated our labels, a project that was months in the making. We are here if you have any further questions!

Thank you for making these amazing products!

I am happy to report that, from what I can see, the gums and teeth look much better since using the Gingivitis, Teeth Trouble and Tartar remedies plus all tissue salts to accompany them. I am also continuing to see signs of the cats expelling their cat flu with the Coryza 2 remedy. Annie's ear infection and diarrhea are also nearly gone! Thank you for making these amazing products!

Amazing improvement of my cat's gingivitis symptoms!

I wanted to thank you for the improvement of my cat's gingivitis symptoms.
After 4 weeks of intensive treatment, where we followed the protocol faithfully, without skipping a single dose, I noticed that:
• his breath doesn't smell at all
• his teeth are much whiter (slightly yellower near the gums)
• no salivation
• he is calmer and friendlier
• from the slightest he allowed us to see inside his mouth, I saw that his gums looked less swollen but were still red.
Until today I',m givin him the gingivitis product (1 spray / day) continuously, every day for 7 weeks.
From 19/6 (after 6 weeks) I m giving him 1 spray of tartar 3 times a week for maintenance.
From 15/6 I am giving him 3 sprays of silverpet, only once per day.

Great products and success

Been of fan of Homeoanimal for years & have used a number of their products with great success! Right now, am treating my 16 yr old Bichon/Poodle. We are thrilled & thank Homeoanimal for their great products & expert information & help. Homeopathic medicine is a worthwhile alternative to allopathic treatments for our fur baby & her issues. We thank you so very much.

Catherine R.
Important remedy

This remedy has given by cat back his life. After steroids and surgery his pain returned and he could not eat without jumping out of his skin. This remedy has given him a reprieve and I will not be without it. Every now and then he needs another dose and I put in between his shoulder blades because I cannot get near his mouth. Thank you for all your remedies. Combination remedies are very much needed where animals are concerned because we don't have months to do single remedies at a time.

More Information

Gingivitis is the first stage of one of the most common dental diseases in the world. Its early onset often goes unnoticed because the symptoms are minimal. Undetected, gingivitis can lead to periodontitis.

Periodontitis can cause destruction of the tissues that support the teeth, including the bone and ligaments, which can lead to loose teeth or even loss of teeth.

What are the symptoms of GINGIVITIS?
- Red and swollen gums;
- Bleeding gums;
- Bright red gums (which usually indicates pain);
- Tartar on the teeth;
- Loose teeth.

What are the possible causes of GINGIVITIS?
All of the causes listed below are loosely related. The best way to prevent them is good dental hygiene.

- Accumulation of dental plaque;
- Inflammation of the gums due to bacteria;
- Detachment of the gums;
- Dental plaque under the gums;
Limescale deposit, commonly called tartar.

What is the GUMHAPPY natural product?
The GUMHAPPY remedy is specially formulated to address red, swollen gums that are often associated with pain and discomfort for your pet, especially when eating. Your pet will greatly BENEFIT from this phenomenal blend of four homeopathic ingredients that work simultaneously to promote better gum health and comfort.

Who is this natural product suitable for?
- All animals needing more support for oral health.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.