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  • Is your pet suffering from an itchy, parasitic skin invasion? We want to help! The MG-RESQ is an excellent remedy designed to address your pet’s skin health. It can help both cats and dogs with a parasitic skin infection.

    This homeopathic product works from the inside out to promote healthy and comfortable skin!

    - Promotes skin comfort and better overall skin health
    - A gentle holistic approach
    - No chemicals
    - High-quality ingredients

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Very pleased!!

Here reporting an update on the stray cat. He is doing much better! The left side of his neck and shoulder still has some bald patches, but fortunately, no more wounds! He mostly comes out at night, so it’s difficult to take a picture of him, especially since he’s all black. I would say he is 80% cured. Whatever it is that was attacking this cat’s skin was so stubborn and debilitating - nothing that I had tried worked. I’m very pleased with the results obtained with your remedies so far!

Vicki E.
Great Results

This works great! I used it along with the colloidal silver like they recommended..I am really thankful that I found homeoanimal because this is the second time I had a different condition to treat and I have had excellent results with both of them.

Linda T.
These remedies work as well, if not better than traditional medications without the side effects.

I feel much better about giving my pets homeopathic remedies verses harsh medications, especially since they are my "children". These remedies work as well, if not better than traditional medications without the side effects.

Suzanne F.
Very satisfied

In fact, I am very satisfied with the product for mange for my cat. It was effective and I will continue to do business with you to take care of my animals.

debby s.
I can't believe how good he looks!

I wanted to thank you. I have a feral cat that i feed outside my home.started noticing it was sick, after alot of research i realized it had mange.tried all doing what i could setting out traps as i am a caretaker for a colony of cats in my town and have my own traps and have done TNR in my colony. This cat is trap savvy its ear tipped so it has been trapped before. Not happening I tried for a month everything i could think of not feeding for weeks and watching it lose weight. after that i tried antibiotics not much different still looked bad. More research i find your website!! ordered the mange spray and began using it was doing well and then the cat disappeared for days and came back looking worse. Its been back for many weeks now and i have been using your spray in its water and also in juice from canned food . Can't belive how good it looks nearly all the skin condition is gone and hair is growing back. I was at a loss didn't know what to do and you saved me ! thank you

More Information

What is MANGE?
Mange is a skin disease caused by microscopic parasitic mites that lodge in the skin, dig into it and begin to develop. It results in severe itching and a significant loss of hair. Mange is extremely contagious and needs to be taken care of quickly.

What are the symptoms of MANGE?
- Itching;
- Skin irritation;
- Hair loss;
- Dry skin.

What are the possible causes of MANGE?
- Exposure to another infected animal;
- Contact with wild animals that carry sarcoptic mange (e.g. foxes);
- The environment (the parasite can sometimes live a few days outside the body).

What is the MG-RESQ natural product?
The MG-RESQ* remedy effectively promotes healthy skin. It relieves dry and rough skin, painful dermatosis, crusty skin, spots and rash on the skin and much much more! This is the IDEAL natural treatment to deal with the parasitic infestation of mites responsible for skin and fur damage. As a result, the MG-RESQ promotes better skin health and comfort for your pet.

*NOTE: We recommend that you follow the SKIN DRAINER - OPTIMAL KIT with these products, in order to fully drain all toxins/waste and allergens left behind in the skin from the mites.

Who is this natural product suitable for?
- All animals needing support for skin health and comfort.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.