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  • Are you looking for reliable MULTIVITAMINS & MINERALS for your pet? This excellent product supports overall health for dogs, cats and other pets!

    - Replenishes essential nutrients in the entire body
    - Helps boost & maintain proper functions
    - Excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants
    - Supports the Krebs Cycle

More Information

What is PET MULTI?
This daily multivitamin is especially formulated to support internal functions and promote better health and energy overall. The vitamins and minerals in PET MULTI have antioxidant properties and work to replenish the nutrients needed to regenerate cells. Namely, this VERSATILE supplement supports the Krebs Cycle, which is how cells provide energy for every bodily function. Disorders of this process can lead to a host of health problems including metabolic disturbances and chronic issues.

By assisting with the Krebs Cycle, PET MULTI supports healthy organ function, helps regulate the metabolism, and protects neurotransmitters in the brain.

What are the vitamins in the PET MULTI?
- Essential for 5 enzymes involved in metabolic functions
- Converts glucose into energy.
- Vital role in nerve function

- Found in the liver, heart, and kidneys
- Involved in the composition of various enzymes

- Promotes the degradation or synthesis of - carbohydrates, fatty acids, amino acid

- Promotes the detoxification of toxic substances
- Mainly used for the synthesis of lipids to enter the Krebs Cycle
- Co-factor in more than 70 enzymatic reactions

- Important role in protein, lipid metabolism, skin nutrition

B8- Biotin:
- Supports healthy thyroid and adrenal function
- Supports the health of hair, skin, and nails

B9- Folic acid:
- Assists with the natural production of red blood cells
- Facilitates the use of iron in the body
- Regulates amino acids in the blood

- Supports the nervous system
- Help avoid pernicious anemia
- Facilitates the natural production of red blood cells

Vitamin C:
- Excellent in the development of bone tissue
- Stimulates resistance to infections
- Essential for the functioning of the endocrine glands
- Supports the progression of pregnancy

Alpha Lipoic Acid:
- Coenzyme in the Krebs Cycle
- Protective effect on ionizing radiation and electromagnetic fields

Marine DNA:
- Powerful antioxidant
- Increases cell regeneration capacity as well as elasticity
- Restores the general state of the body
- Counteracts physical or mental lethargy

- One of the most well-known antioxidants,
- Supports blood flow to the brain

- Vital in the respiratory chain in the mitochondria.
- Protects heart functions
- Increases virility

- Increases blood flow
- Increases the cerebral microcirculation

NAC / N-Acetylcysteine:
​​- Promotes liver detox
- Supports detox for heavy metals

Chromium Picolinate:
- Increases the effects of insulin,
- Ideal in cases of diabetes, hypoglycemia

Copper Citrate:
- Great in the treatment of anemia
- Anti-infective
- Anti-inflammatory

Magnesium Bisglycinate:
- Over 300 metabolic reactions
- Antiviral,
- Antispasmodic

- Supports the immune system and thyroid regulation

- Regulates cellular processes

- Adaptogen
- Helps calms acute or chronic stress
- Anti-aging
- Anti-Anxiety
- Supports and protects cardiovascular function
- Decrease inflammation
- Anticoagulant
- Sedative
- Protects against anemia

Who is this natural product suitable for?
- Animals starting to suffer from less-than-optimal health. This supplement also helps maintain a healthy balance.
- NOT suitable for pregnant or nursing pets
- This natural product can be used for all animals (cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, etc.).