Does PiptoPet Really Work? What You Need To Know When Your Pet Fights Cancer


There’s nothing like finding out your pet has cancer. And if you’re looking for a way to naturally treat your pet’s symptoms, Zumalka is here to support you and your pet.

Did you know our PiptoPet formula is made with only the finest ingredients and it’s designed to:

✔️ Support your pet’s quality of life during other cancer treatments (like chemotherapy)
✔️ Strengthen your pet’s immune system
✔️ Promote better overall health


Plus, PiptoPet doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or low-quality ingredients. This is why so many pet parents recommend PiptoPet. It’s a natural, holistic approach to the most important thing in the world — your pet’s health.

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Want to learn more about Zumalka’s PiptoPet natural cancer product? Check out these FAQs to learn more about PiptoPet, how to use it, and how it works.

What are the ingredients in PiptoPet?

PiptoPet’s only ingredient is high-quality Piptoporus betulinus. Piptoporus betulinus is a type of mushroom that’s commonly known as the birch polypore. This is why PiptoPet is able to:

✔️ Promote a healthy immune system
✔️ Support your pet’s long-term health
✔️ Support the effects of other cancer treatments like chemotherapy

Can PiptoPet treat a dog for cancer?

PiptoPet can be used for dogs! It’s designed to support your pet’s immune system while they undergo other cancer treatments (like chemotherapy).

Our PiptoPet natural product comes in a 50ml bottle. You can administer PiptoPet through your dog’s water, or spray the product directly in their mouth up to twice a day.

Does PiptoPet really work for a cat with cancer?

PiptoPet can be used for cats, too! This Zumalka’s formula comes in a 50ml bottle. You can spray the homeopathic product directly into your cat’s mouth, or administer it through their water.

Each bottle of PiptoPet is designed to support your cat’s immune system while they undergo other types of cancer treatments that can be tough on their body (like chemotherapy).

PiptoPet for rabbits … does it work?

Just like dogs and cats, rabbits can get cancer too. If your rabbit is suffering from cancer or their cancer treatment, PiptoPet can help support their immune system. In addition, PiptoPet helps promote a better quality of life and better overall health for rabbits.

Where can I read more PiptoPet reviews?

We love sharing information about our products and what our pet parents think about them. Here’s what they’re saying about PiptoPet:

Caroline: It is absolutely safe and easy! ⭐⭐⭐⭐
She's had ovarian cancer and another tumor on her shoulder. In the last month, it's gone down by about a third. They were great with consulting.

Chris: Great product! ⭐⭐⭐⭐
We love the mushroom content about this stuff. We ordered a mushroom powder from another company, super expensive, my boy refuses to eat it. I love that I can just spray Cancer Piptopet in some of his water and he gets it when he needs it.

For more information about PiptoPet, including reviews, visit the product page here.


PiptoPet is one of our favorite homeopathic products. And if you have any questions about PiptoPet, how it works, or how to use it, we’re here for you.

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