Dr. Simran Mudaliar, BVSc (Veterinarian)

Dr. Simran Mudaliar, BVSc, Author at Zumalka.com


  • Expert in holistic medicine and preventative care for pets.
  • Focuses on educating pet owners about comprehensive and natural pet health.
  • Mentors new graduate veterinarians and consults in holistic veterinary medicine and nutrition.


Dr. Simran Mudaliar is a dedicated veterinarian specializing in holistic medicine and preventative care. With a strong commitment to educating pet owners, Dr. Mudaliar emphasizes comprehensive and natural approaches to pet health. She believes in a proactive approach to pet care, combining traditional veterinary practices with holistic methods to ensure the overall well-being of animals.

Dr. Mudaliar is a Canadian-New Zealand-based holistic vet who integrates conventional veterinary medicine and surgery with complementary and alternative therapies to maintain long-term optimal health for her patients. She addresses a wide range of issues, from basic veterinary care like vaccination, desexing, and nutrition to chronic ongoing conditions.

In addition to her writing and clinical work, Dr. Mudaliar mentors new graduate veterinarians, providing guidance and support as they transition into their professional roles. She also offers consulting services in holistic veterinary medicine and nutrition, helping pet owners make informed decisions about their pets' health.


Dr. Mudaliar began her education in Zoology at Guelph University, Ontario, Canada. She then completed a degree in Bachelor of Veterinary Science at Massey University, New Zealand.

Personal Interests

Outside of her professional life, Dr. Mudaliar enjoys hiking across the beautiful terrain of New Zealand with her husband, baby, and dog named Marley, finding inspiration and relaxation in nature.

Future Goals

Currently, Dr. Mudaliar is focused on attaining certification in ultrasonography, further expanding her expertise and ability to provide advanced care for her patients.