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 Denyse Lessard therapist in alternative medicine for homeoanimal    

Denyse Lessard Alternative medicine therapist


Denyse Lessard is the creator of a significant part of the company’s line of natural products. These are concocted based on her expertise in homeopathy, naturopathy, and  principles of Chinese medicine.


Her extensive education in the field includes a degree in Chinese medicine from the Collective Study, Development and Research in Ethnomedicine (CEDRE) in France, a degree in Reflexology, earned under the guidance of Madeleine Turgeon, a famed Quebec author, a degree in Naturopathy and Iridology from the College of Alternative Therapies in Quebec, and a degree in Homeopathy, earend from the School of Classical Homeopathy in Quebec.


Additionally, Denyse is also an expert at treating humans, and has been doing so at her clinic for over two decades. “As a homeopathic practitioner, I’ve spent a lot of time finding natural products and ingredients that are similar for our animal clients with special health issues,” she says. This was the inspiration behind Zumalka, a site where pet parents have access to a range of natural products to help their companions who develop symptoms.


When working with her patients, Denyse believe in not only helping pets achieve optimum health, but keeping them in tip-top shape for their entire lives. “This is where naturopathy comes into play, plus homeopathic products,” she explains. “Naturopathy is great for boosting strengths, the immune system, and so on.”

In her time off from working with two- and four-legged patients, Denyse enjoys volunteering, reading, sewing, and watching movies. But what makes this mother of three and grandmother of six happiest is spending time with family. “I love these moments,” she says. “I may be biased, but I have the most beautiful grandchildren in the world (I’m a real grandmother, am I not?)”


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