Our Friends


Everyday, we have the chance to meet pet lovers from ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Here is few of them:


  • Freya's Cat Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, all volunteer cat rescue. We do not have salaried employees or receive any grants. Our primary focus is to advocate and care for a feral cat colony of strays, abandoned, and homeless cats and rescued cats and kittens. We offer education about feral cat care and encourage new cat owners the importance of spaying/neutering pets for their health and to alleviate unwanted behaviors that may result in their future abandonment. We offer sanctuary to many cats in need.
  • Senior Pet Adoption and Fostering Agencies | Pet Food Assistance Programs - Pets need love, companionship and attention no differently than the rest of us. Visit our site today!

  • This page on homemade rabbit toy ideas gives owners an inexpensive way to entertain their rabbits. Play is a vital part of every rabbit's life, and enrichment is often left out because people don't understand how rabbits like to play, they think toys are too expensive, or they think their rabbits don't like to play. Hopefully, this site will give rabbit companions the ideas they need to discover ways to engage their rabbits' minds.

  • If you would like to take a membership with Rabbit Wellfare, you can do so at http://shop.rabbitwelfare.co.uk/ under Memberships, located in the top bar of the page. International, European and UK memberships are available!

  • As a behaviourist, I help you to find the balance in your relationship with your dog. Harmony is pledge of balance.Educanin Montreal offers its services within 50 km of Greater Montreal. Call us at 514-922- 6444 or toll free at 1-844 922-6444.

  • Canada-K9 works for you. We have selected what is best for your companions, a wardrobe in Colours, Quality, Comfort, Robustness and Elegance. Accompanied by an array of complementary accessories. All to make you proud and satisfied. Visit our online catalog to convince you.

  • Are you looking to find a Shelter near you to help or to find a pet to adopt ? Here is a List of Dog Rescues in the United states by state and breed.

  • Pet 'N Play - Your Personal Pet Sitters is a dog walking and pet sitting business serving the Ann Arbor area. We care for dogs, cats and other small pets. You don't have to drop your pet off at a kennel or dog daycare anymore, we come to your house! We offer daily dog walking to keep your dog happy and your home accident free. We also offer in-your-home pet sitting service for cats and dogs while you are out of town. You and your pets no longer have to stress about being taken to the kennel!

  • American Bully is one of the most famous and lovable breed of dogs today. There are a lot of people who wants to get more information about this breed. If you are interested about this breed of dog, americanbullydaily is the right place for you. This website provides information like history, popular breeders, and best training for American Bully. If you want the latest update and tutorials, please like their facebook page, and follow them on twitter.

  • Catopia Cat Rescue Inc. in Plantation, Florida.  Our website is catopiacatrescue.org.  Our email address is catopiacatrescue@gmail.com. I am the contact person:  Debbie Lifton, President of Catopia Cat Rescue, and my cell is 954-608-5851.  If you need any other information please contact me.