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  • Does your pet need additional support to help deal with UNHEALTHY CELLS or MASS in the LUNG, SPLEEN or LYMPH SYSTEM? The CORDYCEPS mushroom is a well-known medicinal mushroom that has been proven to provide excellent, reliable support when your pet needs it most!

    The CORDYCEPS mushroom is recommended along with our PIPTOPET natural product which will also serve as a great immune system booster.

More Information

This mushroom is part of Naturopathy, Mycotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which are valuable allies, and has proven itself for centuries! It is only recently that many scientific studies have revealed its many powerful immunity-enhancing properties.

This is why we LOVE to recommend the CORDYCEPS mushroom as a way to complete your pet’s regimen for better health. It is FULL of antioxidants and offers a host of health perks for your pet, in addition to targeting an abnormal count of unhealthy cells or tumors in the lymph system, lung, or spleen.

CORDYCEPS mushroom is said to have been used by traditional healers for centuries! When researching the benefits of this wonderful mushroom, you can clearly see why it has been used for so many years! This ADAPTABLE mushroom works to reoxygenate the blood, improve kidney function (even if there is dialysis), promote better recovery, significantly stimulate the production of new red blood cells and stimulate phagocytosis and macrophage activity just to name a few of its EXCELLENT benefits! As a natural adaptogen, CORDYCEPS improve all organ function thereby making this mushroom a MUST-HAVE when fighting against an abnormal count of unhealthy cells. CORDYCEPS is certainly part of the ideal regimen to support your pet when they need it most.