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  • Does your pet need natural and RELIABLE relief from an EYE INJURY or CORNEAL SCRATCH? Then you’re in the right place because the CORNEAL CARE is perfect for your pet’s eye health! Even better, it’s great for both cats and dogs.

    CORNEAL CARE is a homeopathically prepared remedy that works to promote cornea and overall eye health without the use of harsh chemicals or eye drops!

    - Helps promote cornea and overall eye health
    - A gentle holistic approach
    - No chemicals
    - High-quality ingredients

Customer Reviews

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Jason W.
Corneal care

We’ve used for a month with NO CHANGE. Pretty pricy too

Dear Jason,
Please remember that natural products often take longer to take full effect than allopathic medication since they start their work from deep within the body, and at first these changes are not immediately perceptible. We understand that you are anxious to see results and we hope you will see improvements very soon. Please give the products time to work. Alternatively, you can feel free to take advantage of our generous return policy. We are here if you have any questions along the way!

Cheryl T.
It's wonderful !

My dog had a corneal ulcer last summer, and the vet said he would have to go to a specialist but instead I bought the remedy from Homeoanimal and within a week, you could already see a big difference and it cleared right up within four months. It's wonderful !

Debra A.
Can’t wait to try!

I know this is a early review and I haven’t tried the product yet but my 10-month-old puppy develop a corneal ulcer took him to the vet they of course wanted to send me to a specialist saying that he could possibly lose his eye I couldn’t afford that so I started him on the medication they recommended pills for inflammation and pain drops for inflammation and ointment anti-biotic which I had already been using before hand that I had in the past for one of my other pets nothing was working started researching for holistic remedies came across another company purchased silver combo with DMSO and Euphrasia seem to help but seems his eye 👁 is not getting better I came across your site praying the Corneal ulcer kit works! I’ve been reading all these reviews over and over and I’m so encouraged I will keep you posted when it arrives and when we start getting the results! Photos are from the day I took Hattori Hanzo to the vet and started the Other holistic drops and the most recent one was July 9th 🙏🏻

Amazed at the results!

After two different antibiotic treatments, my dog's corneal ulcer was not healing. With HomeoAnimal's tailored advice, I decided to give the Corneal Ulcer product a try along with the Silver Pet, Tonic Pet #4, and Tonic Pet #12. It worked! Thank you

Catherine B.
The next time I will come to you first!

I so appreciated all the offerings for Toby's cornea problem. I had spent quite a few weeks with the local vet, lots of meds. It became overwhelming and expensive. I decided to just use the cornea remedy and after 2-3 weeks it worked. I stopped using the vet's meds and just did the t-relief, cornea remedy, Vitamin A and E. He is doing very well, the cornea healed up although it has left a scar. So very thankful I didn't have to put him to sleep.
Thank you for your help and I will be back as he continues aging. The next time I will come to you first, provided it isn't an emergency to have to see the local vet.

More Information

What is a corneal ulcer?
Many pet owners are looking for a corneal ulcer home remedy because corneal ulcer is a very common condition in cats and dogs. It is an injury to the surface of the eye that occurs most often as a result of trauma (scratch, tree limb, foreign bodies, etc.).

What are the symptoms of a corneal ulcer?
- Conjunctival redness;
- Pain (exacerbated by light);
- Tearing;
- Mucus or pus;
- Eyelid spasm.

What are the possible causes of a corneal ulcer?
- Trauma or injury;
- Infection (bacterial, viral or fungal);
- Exposure to a foreign body;
- Degenerative disease.

What is the CORNEAL CARE natural product?
Without the use of harsh chemicals or invasive eye drops, the CORNEAL CARE natural product WORKS to promote better cornea and overall eye health. An injury to the cornea can cause far-reaching effects. That’s why this EFFECTIVE remedy works in a number of cases such as red, sore eyes, congestive corneal condition, ulceration of the cornea and similar issues! CORNEAL CARE remedy is the IDEAL natural product to have on hand when dealing with eye injury or a corneal scratch. It promotes cornea and overall eye health!

Who is this natural product suitable for?
- Animals needing more support for cornea health.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.