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  • Our MOST RECOMMENDED kit to better support overall cornea health. This optimal kit lives up to its name as it offers full-spectrum coverage to support cornea health over the long term.

    - Supports your pet's cornea health
    - Maintains healthy eye tissues
    - Promotes eye comfort
    - Supports the natural immune responses

    Optimal Homeopathic and Natural Kit for Animals to support cornea health
    This kit consists of our CORNEAL CARE, TONICPET #4, TONICPET #12, SILVERPET, TONICPET #3 and TONICPET #5 products.

Customer Reviews

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Corneal Care - Optical

Worth every penny! Healed my French bulldogs corneal scratch in 2 weeks! What eye antibiotic didn’t do in 3 weeks! This stuff is pricy but well worth it!

Aida M.
Thank god for this product!

Thank god for this product! My French bulldog had a corneal scratch for 3 weeks. It was healing slowly. I came across Zumalka, and first I thought was "oh my god it's so expensive."It didn't have hundreds of reviews but the little reviews it had were 5 stars so I decided to give it a try. I followed instructions and didn't miss a dose.Yesterday (being 2 weeks later) he has healed! His Veterinarian seemed surprised on how fast he healed! She said "It has healed! What did you do? "
I just said "I followed your instructions on his ointment and eye serum." LolShe had referred me with pet eye specialist 2 weeks after first visit. Thank god I didn't listen. Most likely they would have done some kinda procedure on his eye. If you can afford it, give it a try!I will stick to ZUMALKA!

Patti F.
a miracle!

your ulcer kit was a miracle! Worked in 2 doses.

Julia J.

I replied earlier but failed to express how incredibly pleased and grateful I am with the results so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the pain relief I noticed in Achilles after a relatively short time on the first detox and when I put him on the other things he continued to thrive.
I had been disappointed by the corneal ulcer treatment and heart murmur as well because neither had improved. However, the corneal ulcer has greatly improved recently. Achilles has seen many veterinarians regarding it and not one has recognized it as a corneal ulcer although a vet technician identified it as one recently when removing his stitches from the dog bite. I am so grateful that your staff at HomeoAnimal properly diagnosed and treated him immediately with just a short description from me. I am hopeful now that we will see some results with the heart murmur. Thank you for everything so far!!!

Robert D.
I am very happy

I am very happy with the outcome of using the eye ulcer kit and the piptopet

More Information

What is the 'Optimal Homeopathic and Natural Kit for Animals to promote cornea health'?
This is THE MOST COMPLETE kit for pets to promote cornea health. Here's why:

- The CORNEAL CARE natural product WORKS to promote better cornea and overall eye health. An injury to the cornea can cause far-reaching effects. That’s why this EFFECTIVE remedy works in a number of cases such as red, sore eyes, congestive corneal condition, ulceration of the cornea and similar issues!
- The TONICPET #4 natural product optimizes the results of other products by supporting oxygenation to all parts of the body.
- The TONICPET #12 natural product is recommended to maintain eye health and eliminates foreign bodies that may be lodged in the eye.
- The SILVERPET natural product can be used in addition to other products and helps support the immune system and target bacteria or infections.
- The TONICPET #3 natural product is useful to purify the blood and eye tissues.
- The TONICPET #5 natural product is helpful to promote healthy tissues of the eye.

Who is this kit suitable for?
- Animals needing more support for eye health.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.

What is a corneal ulcer?
Corneal ulcer is a very common condition in cats and dogs. It is an injury to the surface of the eye that occurs most often as a result of trauma (scratch, tree limb, foreign bodies, etc.).

What are the symptoms of a corneal ulcer?
- Conjunctival redness;
- Pain (exacerbated by light);
- Tearing;
- Mucus or pus;
- Eyelid spasm.

What are the possible causes of a corneal ulcer?
- Trauma or injury;
- Infection (bacterial, viral or fungal);
- Exposure to a foreign body;
- Degenerative disease.