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  • Has your pet been struggling with red itchy ears? EAR CARE can help! This is a natural product to improve your pet’s auricular health. Best of all, it’s great for both cats and dogs.

    EAR CARE is an effective homeopathic formula that works from the inside out to support your pet’s ear health and comfort.

    - Promotes happy and healthy ears
    - A gentle holistic approach
    - No chemicals
    - High-quality ingredients

More Information

What is an ear infection?
Otitis is an infection or inflammation of the ear. Several types of otitis exist depending on whether it affects the outer, middle or inner ear and depending on the causes of the problem.

What are the symptoms of an ear infection?
- Bad smell;
- Itching;
- Rash;
- The animal shaking its head.

What are the possible causes of an ear infection?
- Allergies;
- Mites;
- Presence of parasites;
- Bacterial infection;
- Fungal infection;
- Skin disorders (such as seborrhea);
- Foreign body in the ear;
- Endocrine disease;
- Tumors or polyps.

What is the EAR CARE natural product?
EAR CARE remedy is specially designed to enhance your pet’s natural fighting power against ear infections! This natural product helps support your pet’s auricular health by addressing the root causes of an ear infection. It targets issues such as chronic yellow ear discharge, throbbing pain, bleeding, inflammation of the ear, hardening of the eardrum, deafness and even bad odors!! When creating this EXCELLENT remedy, we wanted to make it a one-stop shop for you to care for your pet’s ear health and comfort!

Who is this natural product suitable for?
- Animals needing more support for ear health.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.