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  • Our MOST RECOMMENDED kit to better support overall eye health. This optimal kit lives up to its name as it offers full-spectrum coverage to promote healthy eye pressure and functions!

    - Promotes eye health
    - Supports the flexibility and elasticity of ocular tissues
    - Promotes regeneration of the cells
    - Maintains normal eye pressure
    - Helps balance the hydration of the eye

    Optimal Homeopathic and Natural Kit for Animals to Promote Eye Health
    This kit consists of the EYE PRESSURE SUPPORT, TONICPET #1, TONICPET #4 and TONICPET #9 products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

These products really help my cats pain from his glaucoma and are so easy to use. Thank you!

He’s been able to see a lot better than when his eyes were clouding over.

Willie has a bit of glaucoma forming in his right eye over the past two months. The products seem to work great and it was really easy to buy on the website. Thank you. Willie says thank you.

Lorraine M.
He’s been getting better everyday since

The glaucoma optimal kit got my kitty out of pain after the 1st dose. He’s been getting better everyday since. We go back to the eye doctor next week to test his pressure but I’m Positive it will be much lower now. While he can’t see much out of the eye that is cloudy, he’s no longer hiding under the bed and is acting like his old self again. I’m so grateful that I can give him these remedies in his food and water. Much easier than trying to get drops in his eyes 3 times a day. He wasn’t having that! Thank you Homeoanimal for the wonderful things you do!

Ashley W.
I appreciate everything you all have done

I cant tell you enough how much I appreciate everything you all have done and recommended. I'm extremely grateful to have found you all, however, she was in bad condition and I didn't want to see her suffer any more.. its been very rough but again, Thank you all and I will spread the word about you all and keep you in mind for the future. Thank you ❤

Nicole S.
I lost hope and that’s when I found you guys!

Unfortunately my pup had developed glaucoma in his healthy eye that so far only had a cataract. I postponed his cataract surgery for a couple of reasons and then this happened in the meanwhile. I lost hope and that’s when I found you guys! I’ve spent countless dollars on every eye herb and remedy I could find so he’s also taking a bunch of herbs and his diet is full of antioxidants and detoxes to keep his detoxing organs healthy as well since that’s where this comes from besides trauma to the eye. ANYWAYS long story short. I am beyond happy to say that after probably only a week or so of sticking to the glaucoma kit fully (since he takes so much other stuff it’s hard to separate it all! But I’ve found a way!) it works!!!!!
His pressures were literally in the 60’s in his bad eye that’s had glaucoma for a while now and his good eye was 28 and now both are in the low to mid 20s!!!
I am beyond happy and also have hope that if I keep this up we may be able to reverse the good eye and get him his cataract surgery!
You guys have been the light at the end of my very dark uncertain tunnel.
Thank you!

More Information

What is the 'Optimal Homeopathic and Natural Kit to Promote Eye Health'?
This is THE MOST COMPLETE kit for promoting eye health. Here's why:

- The EYE PRESSURE SUPPORT natural product works to reduce marked pressure buildup inside the eye. It is EXCELLENT in cases of strong pressure in the eyes, injected eyes, burning, stinging, inflammation, redness and enlargement of the eyeballs, eye spasms or twitching, and much more! We wanted to craft a trustworthy natural product that would address your pet’s eye pressure issues thoroughly.
- The TONICPET #1 natural product is a homeopathic fortifier that helps to promote the flexibility and elasticity of ocular tissue.
- The TONICPET #4 natural product is a homeopathic fortifier that supports the circulation of oxygen throughout the eye, thereby promoting cell regeneration and eye comfort.
- The TONICPET #9 natural product rebalances the hydration of the eye to prevent dryness.

Who is this kit suitable for?
- All pet owners needing more support for their pet's eye health.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.

Glaucoma is an eye disease that affects the optic nerve, which transmits visual signals to the brain, often because the pressure of the eye is too high. The signals sent by the optic nerve do not all reach the brain and the sight weakens as a result, even to the point of blindness.

What are the symptoms of GLAUCOMA?
You will need to consult a veterinarian in order to observe these symptoms as they are impossible to evaluate without medical intervention, hence the importance of regular medical monitoring.

- Progressive shrinkage of peripheral vision;
- Pain in the eye;
- Red eye;
- Cloudy vision;
- Halos around lights;
- Nausea caused by visual disturbances.

What are the possible causes of GLAUCOMA?
- Over natural production of liquid (aqueous humor) in the eye;
- Blockage in the channels from which the liquid is usually discharged from the eye;
- Increased eye pressure;
- Deterioration of the nerve fibers of the optic nerve as well as the blood vessels;
- Injury to the eye;
- Infection;
- Tumor inside or around the eye.