Flea-Derm - Advanced

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  • The products in this popular kit work together so that your pet can have more complete support for skin health after flea bites over the long term.

    - Promotes calm and healthy skin after flea bites
    - Supports the immune response

    Advanced kit to promote healthy skin during flea season
    This kit consists of our FLEA-DERM and SILVERPET products.

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What is the 'advanced kit to promote healthy skin'?
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better! Developed to promote more complete support for skin health after flea bites, this kit of three EXCELLENT remedies is specially crafted to help your pet in the following ways:

- The FLEA-DERM natural product is specifically designed to promote calm and healthy skin especially when your pet needs it most. It works effectively to relieve prickling, burning, stinging and itching sensations all over the body! It also effectively fights against red, swollen and raised blotches caused by intense itching and flea bites.
- The SILVERPET natural product is a colloidal silver-based natural product that supports the immune system and helps promote skin health. It can also be sprayed directly onto the skin for additional comfort.

Who is this kit suitable for?
- All animals needing more support for skin health during the flea season.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.

What are fleas?
Fleas are six-legged, reddish-brown insects. Although they may be visible to the naked eye, they are so small that it is difficult to detect them. They have a great ability to jump, which is why they can easily travel from the ground to an animal's hair and then feed on the blood of their host to reproduce.

What are the symptoms of flea bites?
- Itching;
- Slight redness and inflammation of the skin;
- Hair loss.

How does an animal catch fleas?
- Contact with an animal carrying fleas;
- Contact with an environment carrying fleas (carpets, sofas, etc.);
- When going outside, especially in rural areas.