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  • Our MOST RECOMMENDED kit to better support overall gastrointestinal health. This optimal kit lives up to its name as it offers full-spectrum coverage to promote healthy digestion and balance acidity levels in the body!

    - Excellent support for gastrointestinal health.
    - Help rebalance acidity levels
    - Strengthens the liver and provides a healthy supply of bile
    - Promotes a healthy digestive system

    Optimal Homeopathic and Natural Kit for Animals to Promote Gastrointestinal Health
    This kit consists of our HAPPY GUT, TONICPET #9, TONICPET #10, TONICPET #5, TONICPET #11 and TUMMYPET products.

    *Do not administer at the same time as our LOOSE STOOLS remedy or kits since the formulas are comparable.

More Information

What is the 'Optimal Homeopathic and Natural Kit to Promote Gastrointestinal Health'?
This is THE MOST COMPLETE kit to promote gastrointestinal health. Here's why:

- The HAPPY GUT natural product is an excellent support for gastrointestinal health. It promotes healthy digestion and elimination.
- The TONICPET #9 natural product is a homeopathic fortifier that promotes the proper hydration of the body.
- The TONICPET #10 natural product rebalances acidity levels that promote the proper functioning of the digestive system.
- The TONICPET #5 natural product is a great fortifier to support a healthy digestive system.
- The TONICPET #11 natural product is a fortifier that supports the liver and promotes a healthy supply of bile, essential to the stages of good digestion.
- The TUMMYPET natural product promotes comfort and a healthy digestive system.

Who is this kit suitable for?
- All animals that need extra support for their gastrointestinal health.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.

What is gastroenteritis?
Gastroenteritis is a viral, bacterial or parasitic infection of the digestive tract. In some cases, gastroenteritis may be hemorrhagic and may be characterized by the presence of blood in the stools or vomit. In these cases, it is necessary to consult an emergency veterinarian.

What are the symptoms of gastroenteritis?
- Vomiting;
- Diarrhea;
- Loss of appetite;
- Dehydration;
- Abdominal pain;
- Fever.

What are the possible causes of gastroenteritis?
- Ingestion of food that the animal is not accustomed to, or spoiled food;
- Infectious origin (for example a viral infection like parvovirus, or a bacterial infection like salmonellosis).
- Sign of another disease (intestinal obstruction by foreign bodies, pancreatitis, intestinal parasitosis, endocrine or metabolic disease, and others).