Vaccine Detox

  • Are you trying to find a natural treatment for your pet to target or avoid a VACCINE reaction? Our VACCINE DETOX natural product helps to re-establish internal balance that is disturbed by vaccination and promotes detoxification of toxins left behind. It is effective for both cats and dogs!

    - This homeopathic product is effective before vaccination or to mitigate side effects in case of a reaction to a vaccine.
    - Helps support your pet's health after vaccination
    - A gentle holistic approach
    - No chemicals
    - High-quality ingredients

More Information

What is the VACCINE DETOX natural product?
The VACCINE DETOX remedy is GREAT to have on hand in cases of a buildup of toxins left behind after vaccination. It can be used before vaccination or to mitigate side effects such as anxiety, confusion, breathing difficulties, lack of energy, trembling, diarrhea, weight loss and so much more! It is an EFFECTIVE toxin drainer to promote better health for your pet after a vaccination!

Who is this natural product suitable for?
- All animals about to be vaccinated or suffering from the side effects of a vaccination and to whom you want to offer better overall health in order to avoid chronic side effects.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Michelle V.
Five stars

As a homeopathic enthusiast I highly recommend this company and product. It Works!

Carolyn M.P.
Rabies vaccine

I plan on using it this fall when my dog receives her Rabies vaccine update.

Eve U.

Can't comment,it will be several months before I can

Very pleased

Saw an improved difference in my dear cats behavior with these products! Very pleased.
(Given with Kidney drainer, liver drainer and Lymph 2)

Marie G.
Very effective detox vaccine

Delighted that our little dog H'opï no longer coughs due to an allergy to the rabies vaccine. She still scratches herself a little bit. Thank you for all your precious advice on the well-being of our little friends 🙏🌸💕