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  • Does your pet need relief from painful inflammation? FLAMEPET can help!

    This natural and effective remedy is perfect to address external AND internal cases of inflammation in your pet’s body. This excellent natural product is great for both cats and dogs.

    A homeopathic blend specially crafted to calm and soothe inflamed tissue in the body. We also recommend this product to maintain or promote healthy skin and coat for your pet!

    - Promotes healthy skin tissues
    - A gentle holistic approach
    - No chemicals
    - High-quality ingredients

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Judith S.
I truly recommend this product

Very happy with HomeoAnimal products I’ve tried SillverPet, Itching, Joint Pain, Anti-Inflammatory, CrackPaw and cough now I am going to try Arthritis, Anxiety and Sili-Mer G5. My almost 16 year old is acting like a 5 year old my 11 year old is very active and my 12 years old is becoming a bully there’s being such a change in my older dogs I truly recommend this product I use to live in the Vet and now it’s been months I haven’t been thanks for HomeoAnimal

Laurence G.

Excellent product!

Marie b.

I used the anti-inflammatory remedy several times on one of my cats who had a pain in its paw and who limped, and especially on a cat that made noise while breathing. After a few days he was breathing normally again, so it’s very effective! Thank you!

Natacha B.
Works perfectly

Works perfectly. My cat’s hair has grown back and it’s experiencing less itching. For my rabbit, the anti-inflammatory relieves his allergies, but they have not totally gone away just yet.

Muriel F.

Very good.
My kitties are doing well. Thank you.

More Information

What is the FLAMEPET remedy?
The FLAMEPET remedy is an excellent solution for multiple symptoms often stemming from inflammation in the tissues! It addresses swelling, pain, bruising, and fevers! Oftentimes, symptoms can present themselves that might not be easily identified as inflammation. That is why FLAMEPET is also the remedy for chronic cough, intense thirst, depression and so much more! This EXCELLENT remedy works to enhance the body's natural response to injury and infection by reducing inflammation and promoting calm and healthy tissues!! We know your pet will greatly benefit from this gentle and natural remedy.

Who is this natural product suitable for?
- All animals that need extra support for skin health due to injury, trauma or autoimmune disease.
- This remedy can be used for dogs and cats.

What is inflammation?
Inflammation is a set of reactions in the body in response to an attack of either external origin (injury, infection, trauma) or internal origin (autoimmune diseases).

What are the symptoms of inflammation?
- Redness or rash;
- Pain;
- Heat;
- Tumefaction (swelling).

What are the possible causes of inflammation?
- Injury;
- Infection;
- Trauma;
- Autoimmune disease.