MG-RESQ - Optimal

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  • Our MOST RECOMMENDED kit to better support overall skin health. This optimal kit lives up to its name as it offers full-spectrum coverage to promote healthy skin during and after parasitic infestation!

    ***SILVERPET included in this kit is currently on MEGA-sale! While the label might suggest it's expiring in January, we're here to unveil a remarkable truth. This exceptional product remains in its prime for several more years. Though the concentration may gradually decrease, it will still remain ready to amaze and uplift your pet's life. Hurry, this exclusive offer won't last long!!

    - Promotes healthy and comfortable skin
    - Cleans the blood by removing waste and toxins from the body
    - Supports cell regeneration
    - Promotes the regrowth of a healthy coat
    - Restores vitality to the whole body
    - Promotes the formation of connective tissues

    Optimal Homeopathic and Natural Kit for Animals to promote healthy skin
    This kit consists of our MG-RESQ, TONICPET #1, TONICPET #3, TONICPET #4, TONICPET #7, TONICPET #9, TONICPET #11, SKIN SUPPORT and SILVERPET products.*

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What is the 'Optimal Homeopathic and Natural Kit to promote healthy skin'?
This is our MOST COMPLETE kit to promote healthy skin and comfort from parasitic infestation. Here’s why:

- The MG-RESQ natural product effectively promotes healthy skin. It relieves dry and rough skin, painful dermatosis, crusty skin, spots and rash on the skin and much much more! This is the IDEAL natural treatment to deal with the parasitic infestation of mites responsible for skin and fur damage.
- The TONICPET #1 natural product supports the flexibility and elasticity of body tissues damaged by the infestation.
- The TONICPET #3 natural product is a homeopathic fortifier that cleans the blood by removing waste and toxins from the body.
- The TONICPET #4 natural product supports the circulation of oxygen throughout the body, thus promoting cell regeneration and comfort.
- The TONICPET #7 natural product is a homeopathic fortifier that promotes the regrowth of a healthy coat.
- The TONICPET #9 natural product promotes the proper hydration of the body, restoring vitality to the whole body, even to the cellular level.
- The TONICPET #11 natural product is a homeopathic fortifier that balances water levels thereby promoting the drainage of toxins from the skin.
- The SKIN SUPPORT natural product is a herbal formula designed to help regenerate the skin. It promotes the formation of connective tissues.
- The SILVERPET natural product is a colloidal silver-based natural product that supports the immune system and promotes overall general health. It is especially indicated orally and topically for double benefits and comfort.

*NOTE: We recommend that you follow the SKIN DRAINER - OPTIMAL KIT kit with these products,in order to fully drain all toxins/waste and allergens left behind in the skin from the mites.

Who is this kit suitable for?
- All animals needing support for skin health and comfort.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.

What is MANGE?
Mange is a skin disease caused by microscopic parasitic mites that lodge in the skin, dig into it and begin to develop. It results in severe itching and a significant loss of hair. Mange is extremely contagious and needs to be taken care of quickly.

What are the symptoms of MANGE?
- Itching;
- Skin irritation;
- Hair loss;
- Dry skin.

What are the possible causes of MANGE?
- Exposure to another infected animal;
- Contact with wild animals that carry sarcoptic mange (e.g. foxes);
- The environment (the parasite can sometimes live a few days outside the body).