Tonicpet #5

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  • Does your pet need additional support against CONGESTION and INFLAMMATION? Look no further because we’ve got a natural product for your animal’s body functions and circulation health. Best of all, it’s great for both cats and dogs.

    - Promotes good circulation and functioning of all body systems
    - A gentle holistic approach
    - No chemicals
    - High-quality ingredients

Customer Reviews

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Lois W.
Her eyes were completely clear within about three weeks!

I reached out to your company for help when she was diagnosed with pannus. I was told pannus is an auto-immune disorder and I was recommended the following supplements:TonicPet #1, TonicPet #5, TonicPet #12 and Coriolus Versicolor. Based on her weight, (about 76 lbs), she got 3 tablets of each and one capsule every morning. I crushed the tablets between two spoons, I opened the capsule and then mixed them into a raw egg and then gave her the "egg mixture." Her eyes were completely clear within about three weeks! The vet was shocked to see the results and told me pannus is not curable, she told us she's never seen a case where the blisters from pannus disappeared before. So, we know the supplements were the solution to that diagnosis. Thank you for all the work  you do to make this world a better place for so many lives! Words can't express the love I feel for people like you. I'm sending this with a hug...

Bobby D.M.
Thank you

It's been a blessing from above !

Anca D.

I ordered TONICPET #5 for my Golden Retriever girl, who is eleven years and a half. We used in combination with CLEARVISION and PIPTOPET. It's very easy to order on and using this natural remedy is really convenient. That's why we love it.

James C.G.
Best natural medicine for Kiera

After ordering Tonic’s 4,5,6,8 my dog seizures are less but when she goes into a seizure it last just a short time. Thanks

Beanie cat

My cat Beanie appeared to have Laryngitis. Her meow had changed for 2 days; it was really deep, and croaky. At that point I called Homeoanimal. Your Health Advisor (and team) reviewed Beanie's information the same day, and recommended working mainly with Tonicpet #1, #2, (for damaged tissues), and #4, #5, #7 for inflammation of the larynx (laryngitis) and Silverpet in case it was a virus.

Great news! After giving the above treatments for only 2 days in her wet food, she has her meow back, She never knew it was in her food, and It worked really fast, It must have been laryngitis, and not a virus. Thank you so much for the recommendations. I do rely heavily on your expertise and remedies with great results.. Now, Tonicpet /cell salts with Silverpet gives me a new treatment focus on ailments that do not necessarily fall within a specific category.

More Information

What is the TONICPET #5 natural product?
This natural product helps with the good functioning of body systems by maintaining a good overall circulation. It is helpful to maintain a healthy respiratory tract and ganglions. It will target congestion and nasal discharge as well as tissue inflammation for optimal tissue comfort.

Who is this natural product suitable for?
- All animals needing extra respiratory tract health and overall general good health.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.

What are the TONICPET natural products?
- Our TONICPET line is a group of homeopathic products that help with health care for small problems. They can be taken for health care support or in addition to homeopathic care over the short or long term safely.
- They dissolve almost instantly in the mouth or in water making them easy products to give to animals.
- These products do not carry any of the restrictions that homeopathic products typically have in respect to how to take and use them.
- Our TONICPET line optimizes health care results.