Skin Drainer

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  • Does your pet need a natural, reliable DETOXIFIER for their SKIN? Then SKIN DRAINER remedy can help your pet’s skin health! Greatest of all, it’s perfect for both cats and dogs.

    This homeopathic blend works effectively to support the health and overall appearance of the skin.

    - Naturally detoxifies your pet's skin
    - A gentle holistic approach
    - No chemicals
    - High-quality ingredients

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth S.
The homeopathic products offered have proven to be sound and affective.

The SkinDrainer is part of General Detox that is not yet completed with an additional 3 weeks to go. To review it now is not what I feel appropriate until the full course of remedies my Angus Yorkshire terrier is completed. I am pretty certain his itching issues will be resolved by then but truly, it is too soon to evaluate for the reason he is taking it.

Allergy/issue skin issue

Saw no change.

Hi Diana, I'm so sorry to hear you have not seen any changes yet!! WE have just sent you an email with a few questions in the hope we can work together to get your pet the results we know our remedies can give ;) . Look forward to helping you and you beloved pet more!

More Information

What is the SKIN DRAINER natural product?
This excellent natural product supports the health and overall appearance of your pet’s skin. It works to gently detox the skin from toxins that are trapped and cause problems. It is IDEAL in cases of ulcers, rash, hives, itchiness, crustiness, and even severe skin irritations! This EXCELLENT remedy works from the inside out to promote better skin health!

Who is this natural product suitable for?
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.
- IMPORTANT: For complete removal of toxins it is strongly recommended that you also use the KIDNEY DRAINER and LIVER DRAINER products in addition to the SKIN DRAINER natural product. In order for toxins to be removed by natural means, they must pass through the liver and kidneys.
- Not for pets with cancer or young pets under the age of 2 years old