Ultimate "Gumhappy" Maximizer Pack

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  • Maximize the results of the 'Gumhappy' Natural Product using this Complete Package

    This Maximizer Pack includes :
    - The SILVERPET Natural Product
    - The TARTAR Natural Product

    When combining the Gumhappy natural product and its MAXIMIZER PACK, the gingivitis is targeted in 2 different ways, therefore doubling your pet’s fighting power!!

    It is definitely the BEST combination to help your pet’s gingivitis AND to optimize your pet’s overall well-being.

    This package is made to maximize the results of the Gumhappy natural product. Therefore, it is important to buy the Gumhappy natural product to get the full benefits and great results from the combination of this package.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Didn’t see any difference on both my dogs

I was using on both my dogs daily and have yet to see a difference. Tartar is still there..

Dear Maria,
Thank you for your product review. We are so sorry to hear that you are not seeing the wanted results with our remedies.

We have just sent you an email with a few questions to see where the problem is to make sure you see the best possible results. We want to be with you every step of the way to make sure you are satisfied.

Patricia R.
This stuff really works!

After 3 weeks or so, I saw his teeth really begin to clear and the swelling in the gums go down and definitely the smell in the mouth went away. I was giving him the Gingivitis spray and all the products in the Gingivitis Maximizer Pack. I am so pleased ! Thank you very much Homeoanimal !

Feeling some relief

I can tell that our three senior cats, Molly, Simone, and Ala-wishes (Ally) are feeling some relief.
They are starting to crunch their hard food from time to time.
They are eating their soft food with the crushed pellet remedies and drinking most of their water with the tarter and gingivitis rotation. I am still seeing some swelling in Ally. But they have only been on this program for 3 days!!!!!!!!

More Information

The Gumhappy natural product is an excellent choice in your pet’s struggle against this uncomfortable disease.

But why should the struggle have to stop there!?

The following information is very important if you want to maximize the results of the kit you’ve just bought, thus helping your pet in his struggle against gingivitis.

Every caring pet owner wants to give their furry friend what’s best, right? In fact, I’m sure you’re just like me, you want the pain not only to go away but to stay away! How?
By making sure your pet’s health is at it’s optimal level.

By strengthening your pet’s constitution on all levels, not only oral health, you will boost the immune system and well-being and help avoid the development of future health issues.
Makes sense, doesn’t it?

That is why we highly recommend the “Ultimate Gumhappy Natural Product MAXIMIZER PACK” in combination to the natural product you have just purchased.

What is the “Ultimate Gumhappy Natural Product MAXIMIZER PACK”?
This Maximizer Pack includes :
- The SILVERPET Natural Product
- The TARTAR Natural Product

It is a complement of homeopathic ingredients working symbiotically that, combined with the Gingivitis natural product, will give you added results FASTER, bringing your pet’s health to its optimal level.

Among this lineup of products you will find the Tartar Natural Product. Tartar being one of the main causes of gingivitis, this natural product will drastically improve your pet’s teeth and gum health, by controlling and avoid tartar build up.

What results can you expect from the MAXIMIZER PACK? Listen to what one of many satisfied customers has to say:
“I love this natural product so much that I recommend it to all my clients. I used to apply algae based natural products and toothpaste but nothing really worked well. I also added to that 'chew things' that didn't work at all. Since I've been using your natural product everything is perfect! Even the veterinarian, when examining my 7 year old dog's teeth, declared them 'perfect'! So thank you for this wonderful natural product.”
- Martine