Urinary Tract Support

  • Does your pet need natural and effective URINARY TRACT SUPPORT? Then look no further because we’ve got a natural product for your animal’s urinary system health. This remedy will be beneficial for both cats and dogs!

    The URINARY TRACT SUPPORT remedy is a homeopathic product that was created to be an effective answer to your pet’s urinary system and kidney issues. It can even help dissolve and clear your pet's stones or crystals in the kidneys if any!

    - Supports your pet's urinary system and functions
    - A gentle holistic approach
    - No chemicals
    - High-quality ingredients

    *Do not administer at the same time as our K-Stones remedy since the formulas are comparable.

More Information

What are urinary disorders?
Urinary disorders include all the problems that can occur when urinating. Problematic urination causes pain and a high risk of infection.

What are the symptoms of urinary disorders?
- Inability to urinate;
- Frequent need to urinate small amounts;
- Urine tinged with blood;
- Excessive licking in the genital area.

What are the possible causes of urinary disorders?
- Diabetes;
- Stones or tumors in the bladder or kidneys;
- Bacterial infection (occasional or recurrent);
- Infection of the urethra;
- Congenital abnormalities;
- Bladder cancer.

What is the URINARY TRACT SUPPORT natural product?
We can certainly understand the uncomfortable feeling you get from seeing your pet suffer from a urinary issue. This is why we wanted to provide a natural and easy-to-administer remedy that works to promote a healthy urinary system and kidneys. As the name suggests, the URINARY TRACT SUPPORT is meant to address symptoms often associated with a urinary infection. This includes frequent urges to urinate, burning pain in and around the genitals, irritation of the bladder and urethra, blood in the urine and so much more! We’ve created the URINARY TRACT SUPPORT to work along with you as you provide the best care for your pet’s urinary and kidney health!

Who is this natural product suitable for?
- All animals needing additional support for their pet's urinary and kidney health.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.

Customer Reviews

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Sandra M.
Urinary Crystals

I have 2 cats, Kissy and Dewy, who were having blood in their urine and felt distress from it. Both tested positive for hematuria and crystals in their urine. They wouldn't eat the prescription cat food so that failed to ease or cure any symptoms at all. I ordered the Urinary Tract Support to try to see if it would really help. It took about 2 months to see good results and now for 6 months they are both free and clear of blood, crystals, and distress . What a relief! One squirt in their mouth a day and that's it! What an excellent product! This not only saves me vet fees, but keeps my kitties in great health. Thank you Zumalka! The flooffy ginger kitty is Dewy and the grey/white kitty is Kissy.



Hi Adam,

We are sorry to hear you have not yet been able to benefit from the Urinary Disorders remedy. Please answer the questions we sent to you by email. It will give us a better picture of what we can do to help you further. We are still here for you!

Dianne &.C.D.
I can only compliment Homeoanimal for their great service and wonderful products

Ever since my husband and I happened to find Homeoanimal online and order some products for our Katya and Brookie [our kitties] we've been impressed by the end results. Katya, our part Maine Coon has had some internal problems, previously, but she is now doing very, very well as is Brookie our part Bengal. Both of our cats will take any homeopathic treatment ever given them, very well. No struggle. In fact, I went from using a syringe to give Katya her last treatment but found she'll take 'your medicine' I tell her, out of a flat plate...licking it completely dry, even off my fingers. I can only compliment Homeoanimal for their great service and wonderful products.
P.S. I have saved a ton of money using Homeopathic products as opposed to Veterinarian bills.


Great service and the product was fantastic and better than the exorbitantly priced vet medicines.

Brittany C.
Worked pretty nicely

The product worked pretty nicely to help my dog flush the UTI out of his system!