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  • Is it time to find a natural product for your pet's bumps and skin growths? WRT-DERM is a great place to start as natural relief for your pet’s skin health. Best of all, it’s great for both cats and dogs.

    This incredible homeopathic product works to eliminate growths of the outer skin caused by a virus, reduces pain and inflammation and promotes better skin health for your pet!

    - Promotes your pet's skin health
    - A gentle holistic approach
    - No chemicals
    - High-quality ingredients

More Information

What are warts?
Warts result in swelling of the skin caused by the highly contagious papilloma virus. They can appear individually or in clusters.

What are the symptoms of warts?
- Swelling on the skin, especially on the feet, face, in the mouth and around the eyes;
- Small skin color, cauliflower-like apparition;
- Pain and bleeding.

What are the possible causes of warts?
- Immature or weak immune system;
- Direct contact with the warts of another animal.

What is the WRT-DERM natural product?
The WRT-DERM* is excellent to have on hand as it promotes your pet's healthy and comfortable skin. This remedy works from the inside out to target large, flat or smooth bumps of the skin, oozing and crusty rashes, bleeding skin ulcerations, bloody pus, spots, stubborn itching, and even pus-filled boils!

*NOTE: We recommend that you follow the SKIN DETOX - OPTIMAL KIT with this natural product, in order to avoid further recurrences.

Who is this natural product suitable for?
- All animals with warts.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.

Customer Reviews

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Peggy K.

I have tried many things to shrink the warts that popped up all over my dog, a 10 lb. Maltese, nothing worked until I tried this wart formula. They have started to shrink, not all gone but shrinking which is an improvement and I am so glad. She tried to chew them off and that was not good. Wonderful product. It works!

A must have

My dog started with 2 warts in his mouth. The vet said they will go away with time. After a month he had 20 plus warts and getting worse everyday. I tried this spray and by the 18th day I started to see the warts getting smaller and disappearing. I highly recommend buying this if your dog has warts.

Ana C.
Worked wonders

I just need to thank you for the love of pets our fur baby! The product I bought sometime ago really worked wonders! My pet mouth problem with warts went away in two weeks! Again, thank you. I had never seen any thing like this.

Deborah S.
Thanks for your work and dedication to health and healing!

I now have almost every remedy that you sell in stock. My friends, family and neighbors use the remedies when their pets need help. Their vets are open to them using homeopathic remedies even though most aren’t trained in it. Through the successful use of homeopathic remedies for pets, many people are now researching remedies for their own health. Thanks for your work and dedication to health and healing!