WRT-Derm - Optimal

  • Our MOST RECOMMENDED kit to better support overall skin health. This optimal kit lives up to its name as it offers full-spectrum coverage to promote healthy skin and comfort from warts!

    - Promotes healthy skin
    - Carries oxygen to the skin
    - Supports proper circulation
    - Drains excess water from the skin

    Optimal Homeopathic and Natural Kit for Animals to support skin health
    This kit consists of our WRT-DERM, TONICPET #4, TONICPET #5 and TONICPET #11 products.*

More Information

What is the 'Optimal Homeopathic and Natural Kit to support your pet's skin health? '
This is THE MOST COMPLETE kit to promote skin health. Here's why:

- The WRT-DERM natural product promotes your pet's healthy and comfortable skin. This remedy works from the inside out to target large, flat or smooth bumps of the skin, oozing and crusty rashes, bleeding skin ulcerations, bloody pus, spots, stubborn itching, and even pus-filled boils!
- The TONICPET #4 natural product supports the circulation of oxygen throughout the skin for added comfort.
- The TONICPET #5 natural product maintains healthy circulation in the tissues.
- The TONICPET #11 natural product acts as a fortifier and helps drain excess water from the skin.

*NOTE: We recommend that you follow the SKIN DETOX - OPTIMAL KIT with these products, in order to avoid further recurrences.

Who is this kit suitable for?
- All animals needing support for skin health and overall well-being.
- This natural product can be used for dogs and cats.

What are warts?
Warts result in swelling of the skin caused by the highly contagious papilloma virus. They can appear individually or in clusters.

What are the symptoms of warts?
- Swelling on the skin, especially on the feet, face, in the mouth and around the eyes;
- Small skin color, cauliflower-like apparition;
- Pain and bleeding.

What are the possible causes of warts?
- Immature or weak immune system;
- Direct contact with the warts of another animal.