Dominika Guidoni - Certified Homeopath, DSHM




Dominika Guidoni is a dedicated and certified homeopath specializing in animal health. Her approach to homeopathy involves a comprehensive consultation process, starting with an initial assessment to understand the pet’s overall health, medical history, and current symptoms. 

Dominika emphasizes a holistic view, considering physical, emotional, and behavioral aspects to gain a complete picture of the pet's health.

She tailors her approach to the individual needs of each animal, selecting homeopathic remedies that closely match their symptoms and incorporating tissue salts and supportive remedies.

Dominika is committed to regular follow-ups to monitor progress and involves pet parents throughout the process, empowering them with knowledge and guidance.

Outside of her professional life, Dominika enjoys horseback riding, therapeutic horseback riding instruction, parenting her three children, and embracing adventurous and spontaneous activities.

Her work is characterized by empathy, compassion, and a deep understanding of the bond between pets and their owners.


Dominika received her Bachelor of Science from McMaster University and earned her DSHomMed from the Canadian College of Homeopaths. She continues to expand her knowledge through webinars and learning from other homeopaths, staying at the forefront of her field.