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  • Does your pet need additional support to help deal with UNHEALTHY CELLS or TUMORS in the LUNGS? The CHAGA mushroom is a well-known medicinal mushroom that has been proven to provide excellent, reliable support when your pet needs it most!

    The CHAGA mushroom is recommended along with our PIPTOPET natural product which will also serve as a great immune system booster.

Customer Reviews

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Ava K.
Homeoanimal had the answer for my baby

*Chaga Mushroom*
I go to the vet for diagnosis, and to Homeoanimal for cure.
My dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and they put him on pain killers. Really?? Am I supposed to feed my dog painkillers for the rest of his life? Absolutely not if there's a better solution. Homeoanimal had the answer for my baby. Love this company.
In the first 2 pictures Arthur couldn't even get up to eat it drink.
After using your remedies for a few weeks, he's still not quite "normal", but soooo much better, enjoying swimming in the beaver lakes in Colorado with his family. In the first picture on the bottom, Arthur is on the left.

Dave G.
I highly recommend HomeoAnimal

Our Basset Hound Murphy was diagnosed with cancer in January and he was in bad shape. Desperate to help him and to alleviate the feeling of total helplessness, I searched on the web for hope and the slightest chance to see him through this disease.

I was lucky enough to find HomeoAnimal. The caring personal attention we were provided during this very difficult time was comforting and supporting.

I was a skeptic with regard to alternative holistic treatment, but I am a true believer now. Murphy was lethargic and weak in January when we received the news. After we started the treatments prescribed by HomeoAnimal, he mounted a comeback and we got time, which is all you can ask for with a loved one.

Murphy is succumbing to his cancer now, but there is no doubt that the holistic regimen HomeoAnimal recommended gave us Murphy back for that much needed extra time.

Suzie, you have been phenomenal! I want to thank everyone for their attentive, kind and comforting assistance during this very difficult time.

I highly recommend HomeoAnimal to anyone looking for a natural alternative that produces results.

More Information

This mushroom is part of Naturopathy, Mycotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which are valuable allies, and has proven itself for centuries! It is only recently that many scientific studies have revealed its many powerful immunity-enhancing properties.

This is why we LOVE to recommend the CHAGA mushroom as a way to complete your pet’s regimen for better health. It is RICH in antioxidants and offers a host of health perks for your pet.

The CHAGA mushroom is GREAT as an immune-system stimulant! It works so that the immune system can be strong enough to fight against unhealthy cells, thus slowing the progression of tumors. The Chaga mushroom is considered a superfood, as it is rich in antioxidants and contains a host of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. It’s also known for its tumor-fighting properties. This powerful plant can help pets avoid the harsh side effects that often accompany the use of conventional medicines as well.